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21 Day Fix is not “just another diet plan” - it will help you eat right and lose weight. This product gives you easy portion control and 30 minutes of daily exercise. You get 6 workouts on 2 DVDs, which focus on full body cardio and lower / upper cardio separately. Additionally, 21 Day Fix uses Pilates, yoga and cardio to help you burn calories while becoming healthier. People have been able to develop a strong core, add healthy muscle tone and get their heart rate up regularly with 21 Day Fix.


  • Portion Control
  • 21 Day Fix provides you with 7 properly-sized portion control containers, each color-coded for different food group. A shakeology shaker cup is also included. Each container represents the correct portion you can have of that food group - such as vegetables, desert and meats.

  • Exercises Included
  • This product includes 6 different workouts. You will be trained for 30 minutes a day in Pilates, yoga, or cardio. The variety of exercises ensures you will not easily become bored. Furthermore, you will warm up, do some vigorous exercise and cool down all in 30 minutes. 30 minutes a day and proper diet is all it takes to get the full benefits of 21 Day Fix.


  • Too Many Options
  • There are several program options to choose from, so knowing the right one can be difficult. With the Essential pack, the challenge pack, and the ultimate pack - it’s all a matter of what you want to spend and how much weight you want to lose.

  • Cheating Allowed
  • There is one cheat meal allowed throughout the week on the 21 Day Fix plan. However, over-indulging can be a problem for those who find it difficult to stop at one cheat meal.


  • Allowable Foods
  • The 21 Day Fix plan allows you to eat anything that fits in the portion control containers. However, the trick is to not eat more than the recommended amount. By consuming 1300 calories per day, it allows you to eat three vegetables, one fruit, four proteins, three carbohydrates, one healthy fat / cheese, two seeds/oils and your shakes throughout the day. This will keep you healthy and strong – not to mention help you lose 15 lbs. In 21 days.

  • Exercise Variety
  • 21 Day Fix comes with 2 DVDs with 6 workout routines that are geared towards tightening and toning your body while helping you lose weight. In 21 days, with 30 minutes a day of exercise and proper diet, you are guaranteed to lose 15 lbs. The longer you stay on the program, the more weight you are bound to lose.


21 days gets you amazing results with the 21 Day Fix. The 30 minute workouts are easy to follow and a simple diet will ensure you reach your weight loss goals. Their exercise videos have 6 different workouts, so you will never get bored with just one workout routine. Furthermore, 21 Day Fix is designed so that you never feel like you are dieting. You will also receive 24 hour, 7 day a week customer support in case you have any questions.

How It Works

21 Day Fix is an easy to follow program that provides you with simple portion control, along with 30 minutes of exercise every day that will help you lose weight. There is no calorie counting or measuring of food portions – and you will never get bored with the exercise routine - as you can change your routine every day.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most weight loss programs require you to measure out your food portions, have restrictions on what you can eat, and make you count your caloric intake. 21 Day Fix doesn’t require any of these things. It’s a simple program and is easy to follow. When you try 21 Day Fix, you are guaranteed to loss 15 lbs. In 21 days - or you get your money back.


  • Jenny Craig
  • Jenny Craig has weekly meal plans that tell you what you can and can’t eat. You have a monthly subscription cost and online support. Their weight loss guarantee is 12 lbs. In 12 weeks.

  • P90x
  • P90x is a workout video that shows you how to get your heart rate up and loss weight. It has 12 workouts and a meal plan that shows you how to drop weight fast. Their guarantee is that you will lose 90 lbs. In 90 days.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Take Lunch With You
  2. 21 Day Fix comes with easy to understand color-coded containers that are designated for each individual’s nutritional need. They are portable and attractive. With the shakeology drink mixer and the color-coded containers, you will be set to take your lunch to work with you without worrying about portion control.

  3. Change Workout Routine Daily
  4. Whether you like Pilates, Yoga, or Cardio - 21 Day Fix has whatever exercise you need to get your body moving and losing weight. With two DVDs, you will never tire of the workout options and can change them up every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Can You Eat?
  • When you start the 21 Day Fix, you will notice that nothing changes about what you can and can’t eat. 21 Day Fix allows you to eat anything you like within the proper portion-control containers.

  • Is 21 Day Fix A Diet?
  • No, 21 Day Fix is not a diet, it is a workout program designed to help you lose weight without counting calories.

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