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The 3m Scratch Removal System is a high quality scratch removal system that can remove small to medium scratches on vehicles. This product provides sand compound and has the ability to remove scratches and minor blemishes within minutes of being used. Additionally, the package includes everything needed to remove small scratches.


  • Guaranteed To Work
  • This company guarantees that this product will work to remove minor scruffs and scratches on vehicles. 3m Scratch Removal System is a well trusted product from a company that thrives on producing high quality merchandise.

  • Easy To Use
  • 3m Scratch Removal System can be used within 3 easy steps. Results can be seen within minutes when using this product. The kit comes with everything needed inside so that other materials are not necessary.


  • Expensive
  • This product can be considered expensive compared to other brands of vehicle scratch removers. The kit can be considered mid-priced within the scratch removal market.

  • You May Need 2 Kits
  • The amount of formula that the kit contains may not be enough to cover a vehicle with many scratches and scruffs. Additionally, the sand paper will last long, but the scratch removal formula and the car polish that is included in the kit comes in sizes that may be too small.


  • 3 Products In 1
  • The 3m Scratch Removal System comes with sand paper, scratch removal formula and polish. Furthermore, the sand paper helps to make the scratches smooth. On top of that, the scratch removal formula helps to remove the scratches from the vehicle’s surface while the polish is added to give a finished shine effect.

  • The Kit Is All You Need
  • Other scratch removal products do not come with a kit. The 3m Scratch Removal System comes with a complete kit with nothing else needed. This makes using this product easy and hassle free.


The 3m Scratch Removal System is one of the many useful products made by 3m. This product is one of the most popular products that the company produces because it is extremely effective. Scratches and scruffs on vehicles can be easily removed by using this 3-step kit.

How It Works

Using this product is very easy because it can be done in 3 steps. The first step is to use the sand paper included in the kit to smoothen out the scratched area on the vehicle. After the scratch is smooth, the scratch removal formula should be applied to the vehicle. Then, the last step after applying the formula is to use the car polish, giving the vehicle a polished look.

How it's Different from Competitors

The 3m Scratch Removal System is different from competitors because it comes in an easy 3-system kit. Plus, the kit includes all of the essential items needed to remove scratches from the vehicle. Most of the competitors only offer one product instead of an entire kit.


  • Premium Grade Scratch Repair
  • This repair kit offers very similar features as the 3m scratch removal kit. The only difference is that this kit is more expensive and harder to use. Furthermore, the turtle wax scratch remover is great for people who have experience with removing scratches from vehicles.

  • Scratchx 2.0 Swirl Remover
  • This product is a cost efficient alternative that offers great scratch removal benefits at half the cost. There is no kit included with the swirl remover, but all that is needed is a cloth to apply it with. Meguiar’s is a trusted and reliable brand.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Read The Instructions
  2. It is important to read the instructions to prevent any accidents. Most of the formulas used in the kit are strong and should be used with caution.

  3. Take Your Time
  4. It is always good to take your time when using the 3m scratch removal kit to make sure that the job is done thoroughly and neatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can It Be Purchased Online?
  • Yes, the 3m website provides this item for online sale.

  • Can It Be Found In-stores?
  • Yes, the 3m website offers a store locator that can be used to locate this product in stores around the country.

  • Can It Be Returned?
  • No, there are no returns once the kit has been opened.

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