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The Zuru Air Chair is a durable, lightweight chair or lounger which fills naturally with air. It can be compressed as easily as it is filled and then rolled into the size of a sleeping bag.


The infomercial is supporting a “race to relax” summer deal where they are encouraging consumers to purchase the Air Chair so that they can all relax over the holidays. This lounger is purportedly the ultimate in outdoor relaxation, with a simple yet effective design that lets users capture air and lounge quickly. Within seconds it is unpacked, rolled out, and allegedly filled up in one clean motion.


  • Great For Camping
  • For campers, this chair is a dream. It is lightweight and compact with its own carrying case. As a camper, the lighter a chair, the less weight it will contribute to the total backpack that has to be carried around. The smaller and more compact the chair, the less space it takes up inside the pack, leaving more room for other things.

    Camping or hiking of any sort are activities often require some form of seating be brought, or a sleeping bag with a liner. If this Air Chair is brought instead, it doesn’t require a liner and can be used as a sleeping bag liner. Conversely it can be used as a group chair, or just a relaxing bed on which to rest after a long hike.

    The bag can be packed within seconds and equal the size of an average sleeping bag. This makes it easily mobile and perfect for more active lifestyles.

  • Innovative And Durable
  • It is made from parachute like material so it can hold up to four hundred pounds and is waterproof.

    The Air Chair is durable across many surfaces including sand or rocks. This is good because it means that the chair can be taken outside and used in many environments including mountain climbing or relaxing on the beach.

  • Many Colors
  • There are three colors, so it can be purchased for couples or families and each person can still have a unique color. Additionally, it can be purchased to match existing outdoor chairs or camping materials.


  • Needs Wind
  • It seems simple enough on the infomercial, with the participants using just one or two flaps to fill up the chair to completion. This is a bit misleading. While the chair works fine and fills up this way, it might take longer to fill depending on the wind where consumers are located. Naturally, if a consumer is trying to fill up the Air Chair in an area without wind, then the method shown on the commercial won’t work. In such cases, the consumer would have to run around with the chair to make their own breeze. This is not shown or explained on the commercial though it should be.


  • Not For Floating
  • This product is water resistant, meaning water from rain, oceans, or anything else won’t harm it. However, it is not a floatation device that consumers can take on the water. Due to its design, many consumers might accidentally think this.


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