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Amazing Arms is a fashion garment made out of sheer, stretchy fabric that makes your arms look slimmer and better, so you look more attractive in sleeveless dresses and tops. The garment will easily blend in with every outfit, and it’s so comfortable to wear, you’ll feel almost as if you’re wearing a second skin. By wearing it, you’ll reduce the need for bulky sweaters, jackets, and shrugs.

How It Works

The Amazing Arms arm shapers are made out of lightweight, four-way stretch fabric that will conform to virtually any size or shape of body. It hooks under your bust like a bra, and is able to conceal almost any figure flaw, while still being light enough not to dig into your back and cause back fat bulges. The fabric is thin enough that you’ll still be able to stay cool while wearing the product in the summer.


  1. Reduce Sagging
  2. People who don't work out their arms a lot, or are older in age often have skin bagging off their arms, even if they aren't overweight. When you wear Amazing Arms, this sagging will be temporarily held in and reduced, so it won't be visible.

  3. Slim Down Fat Arms
  4. Some people who are overweight or obese simply have thick, fat arms, and the Amazing Arms garment will make this type of arms look lighter and firmer.

  5. Conceal Blemishes
  6. You may have many unsightly freckles or scars, a rash, acne, or something else on the skin of your arms that you don't want people to see. Fortunately, Amazing Arms will make these kinds of blemishes not show up as prominently.

  7. Hide Wrinkles
  8. The same as with blemishes, wearing the Amazing Arms garment will help conceal the fact that you have some wrinkling on your skin.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Slip Over Arms
  2. To wear Amazing Arms, you first need to slip the garment over each of your arms.

  3. Fasten Under Bust
  4. After you've slipped the garment on, fasten it at the front of your bust as you would a front-fastening bra.

  5. Put On A Sleeveless Outfit
  6. Choose a sleeveless top or dress and head out looking good.

Positive Points

  • Three Varieties Available
  • The Amazing Arms fashion shapers come in three varieties: black, pearl, and black lace. Therefore, you can choose which one works best with your skin tone, or wear all three and match them with virtually any dress.

  • Comes In Many Sizes
  • Amazing Arms comes in sizes small to xxl, so it will fit women who wear dress sizes four to 22. If you lose or gain a few pounds after ordering a certain size, the garment's stretchy material will accommodate the small change.

  • Can Be Worn With Bra
  • Some women can't go without a bra when wearing a sleeveless dress or shirt, as they need that firm support. However, that's no problem, as the Amazing Arms can go on right over a bra.

Negative Points

  • Not Invisible
  • While the Amazing Arms garments are not solid-colored, they are not completely invisible. Therefore, you will not achieve the exact same look as you would if you were wearing a sleeveless dress completely alone.

  • No Extra Small Size
  • Some very thin women, due to being out of shape or being older, have just as saggy arms as some of their larger counterparts. Plus, they may have blemishes or wrinkles to hide. It would be beneficial if Amazing Arms came in an extra small size to accommodate those women smaller than a size four.

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