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Amish Secret is handmade furniture polish that will clear excess dirt off your wood furniture, revealing its natural shine and making it appear new again. The historically-derived formula will also protect the furniture against future dirt and dust. It works on a wide variety of wood types, including exotic hardwoods and painted wood. It’s suitable for use on virtually any wood surface, even that of an antique, besides floors.

How It Works

The Amish Secret formula has been derived from historical cleaning and polishing practices of the American Amish. Due to its potency, it makes short work of excess wax on any piece of furniture, even if that buildup has been there for months. It'll also obliterate grease from kitchen cabinets in seconds. It is not greasy or oily in itself, and repels dust instead of attracting it like some furniture polishes do. Amish Secret does all of this work without the inclusion of any hazardous materials.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spray
  2. Due to the spray nozzle on each bottle, Amish Secret is very easy to apply to the wood surface( s ) that you wish to clean and polish. Just spray a couple of squirts on a desired surface, and you're ready to move on.

  3. Wipe
  4. A soft microfiber cloth is recommended for the wiping process, but you can use virtually any cloth for this step. Simply spread the Amish Secret formula around your dirty piece of furniture by using the cloth, and watch the wood surface begin to gleam.

Positive Points

  • Versatile
  • You can use this furniture polish for virtually any piece of furniture made of any wood type, including cherry, walnut, maple, and oak wood. It can be used to clean cabinets, tables, chair legs, and even wooden clocks, regardless of whether the wood used to make these has been painted or left unpainted. Amish Secret will even restore the lustre of antique pieces.

  • Handmade
  • Due to the fact that this product is handmade, and the company asserts that it does not contain hazardous materials, you will know that there is little chance that its ingredients will damage or wear down your furniture, or cause toxic harm to you or another user.

  • Protects
  • Amish Secret not only cleans off the gunk that is on your furniture at the time of use, but protects it against future dirt and dust that may otherwise attach itself to it. However, it does so without leaving behind an oily or greasy residue.

  • Simple Process
  • Using Amish Secret involves a very simple two-step process of spraying and wiping. For the second step, wiping, you do not need a cloth that is made out of any particular material. You will achieve the same good results no matter what wiping accessory you use.

Negative Points

  • Ingredients Not Given
  • While it is positive that the company tells potential users that Amish Secret is handmade and poses no material hazards, the producers do not say exactly what it does contain. The product would seem even more attractive if a detailed list of ingredients had been given.

How it's Different from Competitors

Many furniture polishes clean wax, dirt, and grease off your furniture effectively, but leave behind an oily and greasy residue that is almost as undesirable as dirt. While these polishes are able to clean dust off furniture, the stickiness of their residue ultimately attracts more of it, meaning that you’ll likely have to dust more frequently. When you use Amish Secret to clean and polish your furniture, you won’t experience either of these problems. Furthermore, this product not only cleans and polishes, but protects against future dirt and damage such as that created by water rings. The fact that it comes in a spray bottle also makes Amish Secret much easier to use than furniture polishes that need to be dumped out onto a cleaning cloth.


  • Not For Floors
  • Amish Secret is not suitable for floors, including hardwood floors, so confine your use of it to pieces of furniture.

  • Keep Away From Eyes, Mouth
  • Although Amish Secret doesn't contain hazardous materials, it is a good idea to keep any kind of cleaning product away from your eyes and mouth. If you accidentally get some of this product in your mouth, make sure you do not swallow it.

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