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Ankle Genie is a zip-up compression sleeve that will relieve leg and ankle pain and ankle swelling, plus providing extra support to weak or stiff ankles. It will also energize the feet and ankles and contribute to reducing poor circulation. You can wear a pair of these easy-to-put on sleeves virtually anywhere, at any time, for any activity. They are suitable for adult men and women of any age.

How It Works

The Ankle Genie is made of soft, comfortable neoprene material that works against fatigue in the lower extremities, while soothing and massaging the foot and ankle at the same time. It also gently compresses the foot and ankle, reducing any inflammation so that they can heal from any pain or weakness that is present.


  1. Travel
  2. When you go on long trips, such as airplane trips, your feet and ankles may tend to swell as you sit for long periods of time. This may also be a problem during long car trips, even if you are the driver. Luckily, when you wear a pair of Ankle Genie sleeves, they will actively work against this kind of swelling.

  3. Sports
  4. The Ankle Genie sleeves can be comfortably worn within athletic shoes, so you can wear them during sporting activities such as golfing, playing tennis, biking, or hiking. By using them during these activities, you'll minimize any pain experienced.

  5. Work
  6. If you have to stand up all day as you work, your ankles may hurt or even swell up, and pain may radiate all the way up your legs. However, if you wear the Ankle Genie sleeves at work, they'll dramatically reduce the level of pain and swelling you experience, so you'll be able to be more productive.

  7. Home
  8. The Ankle Genie sleeves are super comfortable, so you can wear them as you relax at home, and even as you sleep. They will easily fit inside your bedroom slippers, or you can wear them over your socks, if you choose.

Positive Points

  • Easy To Put On
  • Due to the fact that the Ankle Genie sleeves contain a zipper, they are easy to put on and take off. There will be no pulling and tugging required, as you can just unzip the zipper and slide the sleeves up or down. You can also adjust the velcro strap to customize the sleeves more closely to your size.

  • Toeless
  • The Ankle Genie sleeves are toeless, so you won't feel as if your entire foot is trapped inside, interfering with mobility. Plus, people with very long feet won't have to curl their toes to properly fit a foot in one of these sleeves.

  • Can Be Worn With Boots
  • In addition to being worn with athletic shoes, work shoes, and slippers, the Ankle Genie sleeves can be worn with boots, including high-heeled boots or winter boots.

Negative Points

  • Don't Contain Copper
  • While some compression sleeves contain copper, which fights against odors and bacteria, the Ankle Genie sleeves have not been infused with this material.

  • May Be Visible
  • The Ankle Genie socks only come in black. Therefore, if you wear them with shoes that don't cover much of your foot, such as slip-on flats and heels, you and others will be able to see them. They also extend quite far up the ankle, so if you're not wearing long pants or tall boots, they will visibly stick out over the top of your footwear.

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