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Category: Finance is the leader in the structured settlement buying industry with many years of experience. That is one of the reasons they are able to offer such competitive prices to people who wish to sell their settlements. They have a staff of trained buying analysts that can point anyone in the right direction.


  • Quick Process
  • has a very quick selling process. Once you have supplied all of your information, you should be able to get a decision immediately.

  • Free Quote
  • Once has given you an offer, you are not obligated to accept it. They give all of their customers a free quote, allowing them to make an educated and informed decision regarding their settlement.


  • Court Date
  • Before getting your money, you will have to schedule a court date. During the court date, you will have to present to a judge why you are selling your payments. This should be done after all paperwork has been submitted.

  • Long Wait
  • After you have gone to your court date, there will be a waiting process. All users must wait for the court to accept their transfer before they get money.


  • Several Options
  • While the two major types of annuities include immediate and deferred, they are many available to consumers. This includes structured settles, single premium, lotteries, pensions, workers’ compensation and much more.

  • Lump Sum
  • With, users have the ability to cash out lump-sum buy outs. They work to help people access the money that they are in need of and get it to them quickly.

Infomercial is one of the leading purchasers of annuity and structured settlement payments in the united states. Over the years, they have earned the reputation as one of the most reliable companies to work for. There are no questions that they can’t answer. At, they have managed to help hundreds of thousands of people get their money.

How It Works helps negotiate settlement transfers in all 50 states. Many of them are victims in a personal injury case, plaintiffs from a wrongful deaths case, lottery winners and tobacco lawsuit claimants. Other customers include people who previously purchase an annuity, but no long want their money to be tied-up over a long people of time.

How it's Different from Competitors is different from competitors, as they treat their customers with care and work hard to help them settle their transfer. Their staff is put through a rigorous training process to do so.


  • Novation Settlement Solutions
  • Novation settlement solutions is a financial company that buys payments from structured settlements in exchange for lump sums of cash.

  • Peach Tree Financial
  • Peach tree financial is similar to, because they work hard to provide their customers with a quick decision. The process in which the customers receive their money differs slightly.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Have Information Ready
  2. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, be sure that you have all of your personal information ready and that it is accurate.

  3. Be Patient
  4. As you are going through the process, be patient. There are several steps that you have to go through but it will be worth it in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Have To Do Court?
  • Yes, in order to receive your money from, you will have to set up a court date and speak to a judge.

  • Why
  • People choose Annuity. Org because their trained staff makes it much easier for people to sell their structured settlements in a timely manner.

  • Are They Reliable?
  • is extremely reliable. They take all of the necessary precautions and steps to ensure that you are treated fairly.


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