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Baby stuffies are a cute little plush toy that feature secret pockets for carrying, sharing and much more. These unique stuffed animals can be used as an overnight bag and are extra soft - making them perfect bedtime companions. Their lovable appearance makes them a welcomed gift for children.


  • Great For Travel
  • Children will be able to have a friend wherever they, go thanks to baby stuffies. Their soft texture makes them perfect as pillows. The additional pockets are great storage for travel necessities such as pajamas, toothbrushes, combs and more.

  • Super-sized And Soft
  • Baby stuffies are plush, cuddle critters that are super-sized and soft for tons of fun. These plush toys are a sight to behold. Children of all ages will love to cuddle up to one of these amazing toys due to their magnificence size and luxuriously, soft feel.


  • They Shrink
  • After a few rounds in the washer, baby stuffies may lose some of their size. This may also cause the secret pockets to lose their ability to stretch.

  • Limited Space
  • While there are many pockets within the baby stuffies, there is still limited space. This means they are great for overnight trips but aren't necessarily good for long vacation.


  • 7 Secret Pockets
  • Each and every one of the baby stuffies feature 7 secret pockets. Children will love storing all of their special items in these secret compartments.

  • Storybook
  • To enhance the appeal of the adorable baby stuffies, they also come with a coordinating storybook. Each book promotes wholesome, yet entertaining values that both parents and children will enjoy reading to no end.


Baby stuffies are unique stuffed animals that feature an array of secret pockets so children can hide their treasures and items. This adorable little plush toy can be used as an overnight bag or a sleeping-time companion. Children of all ages will instantly fall in love with their baby stuffies due to its undeniably cuddly and soft feel.

How It Works

Baby stuffies take ordinary stuffed animals and make them extraordinary. These plush animals are a toy that also serve as a toy chest. Children can store a wide variety of different items into the secret pockets that their baby stuffies has to offer.

How it's Different from Competitors

Baby stuffies are different from other stuffed animals on the market because they feature pockets where children can store items. Furthermore, they are much larger in size and much softer.


  • Pillow Pets
  • Also a plush animal, pillow pets are a great choice for children. They serve as a pillow and a toy but they do not have pockets like baby stuffies.

  • Tummy Stuffers
  • Similar to baby stuffies, tummy stuffers have the ability to store items. The only difference is that tummy stuffers only have one compartment rather than 7.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don't Over-stuff
  2. Be sure to limit the amount of items that your child puts inside of their Baby Stuffies. Over-stuffing them may cause them to stretch out and wear down faster.

  3. Hand Wash
  4. To prevent them from getting ruined in the wash, it is best to wash them by hand. Use cold water, a little bit of soap and allow them to air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are They Safe?
  • Due to their plush texture, baby stuffies are completely safe.

  • How Many Pockets Are There?
  • Each baby stuffies feature 7 top-secret pockets.

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