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Back Bridge is the revolutionary new product that allows people to relieve even the most stubborn back pain in just two minutes. Thousands of people have already been able to use this product. It is simple, effective and only needs to be used twice a day. This product is more affordable than other remedies.


  • Portable
  • Whether you are going on vacation or going to work, you’ll be able to take your Back Bridge with you. This product boasts an ultra portable and compact design so that you will be able to get relief while on-the-go.

  • Saves Money
  • Since the Back Bridge relieves pain in your back, you will be able to save money on medical bills. It is much more cost efficient than doctor bills, prescription drugs, holistic methods or expensive massages.


  • Temporary
  • The relief that Back Bridge provides your body with is only temporary. You will have to use it over a long period in order to achieve the permanent results. It is not a good choice for people who want constant relief.

  • One Size
  • The Back Bridge only comes in one, single size. This means that it may be difficult for people who are smaller or larger in size to use.


  • Four Levels
  • The Back Bridge is designed with four levels. Owners will be able to adjust the levels to accommodate the pain of their back. This allows for a truly personalized experience that will have you feeling fantastic.

  • Lightweight Design
  • The amazing Back Bridge boasts a lightweight design. This ensures that it is easy to take with you and even easier to store inside of your home.


Back Bridge is the first and only back pain device that was developed to help relieve core imbalance. Designed by Dr. Todd Sinett, it features four stackable levels that expand with your body. This allows people to enhance their flexibility and the health of their spine. It is safe and easy to use.

How It Works

What makes the Back Bridge effective is the stackable levels. These levels were designed to correct the core imbalance that is causing you discomfort by putting extension into your body. It realigns the spine and provide you with the balance that is needed to reduce the pain that you were feeling.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Back Bridge is different from other products on the market because it is effective. Many other products will do more harm than good, leaving you feeling more pain than before.


  • Arched Back Stretcher
  • The Arched Back Stretcher stretches your back in order to relieve aches in pains within minutes. It helps to reduce spasms and disk pressure.

  • Kyrobak
  • The Kyrobak is designed primarily to treat lower back pain. It features a unique continuous passive motion that treats the back just like a massage would. This product is electronic and requires batteries.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Regularly
  2. It is best to use the Back Bridge on a regular basis. This ensures that you will get used to the system and feel relief.

  3. Two Minutes
  4. It is recommended to use the Back Bridge for only two minutes at a time. This will prevent any further pain from arising.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Can Use It?
  • Everyone, both young and old, can use the Back Bridge.

  • Can You Sleep On It?
  • No, you should not sleep on the Back Bridge system.

  • Is It Safe?
  • Yes, the Back Bridge is extremely safe.

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