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The Bacon Boss is a cooking pan which enables users to cook bacon to perfection in their microwave without the mess. Not only can it be used in the microwave but it is oven-proof too. The creators have designed this product with the key point in mind making cooking bacon easier and cleaner than ever before. It's sleek style fits into any kitchen style, is easy to clean and easy to store. The product is in effect created to cook bacon but because of it's simple, deep dish with the heavy durable lid it is possible to cook other meats and items in it.


  • Oven-safe
  • The product safe to use in the oven if you prefer oven baked bacon. Create different textures of bacon with this daring dish which can be used in the oven and in the microwave.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • No more scrubbing away at the sink, because the product is dishwasher safe and comes up like new every time it is washed.

  • Works Like A Restaurant Press
  • If you are looking to achieve perfectly cooked bacon like in restaurants then this is the item to use. Bacon boss cooks bacon in a professional way in your home. .

  • Heavy Duty Glass Lid
  • The lid on the bacon boss is heavy duty and keeps fat splatters within the dish which then soak away keeping the bacon crispy!

How It Works

The product is made for simple use at home. All you need to do is load up the dish unit with bacon, put the lid on and cook it until desired results. Once cooked the consumer can take out the bacon and load the dish into the dishwasher for next time. It claims to avoid bacon cooked to a rubbery context but a crispy one. The bacon boss takes away the hassle of frying bacon on the stovetop and reduces mess, fat and unwanted oil splatters in your kitchen.


  • Microwave Bacon Cooker
  • Microwave bacon cooker looks like a toast rack and is made to cook bacon in the microwave. At a fraction of the price many consumers have said they prefer this product but because it is free-standing and not contained it creates a handful of mess and splatter.

  • Bacon Grill
  • On the higher price range there is bacon grills which are contained and cook bacon without putting it in the oven or microwave. These cooking devices are difficult to clean and create just as much mess.

  • Frying On The Stovetop
  • The other alternative is to fry bacon the traditional way in a frying pan on the stovetop. This can cause burns, splatters and soggy bacon which is high in calories. Depending on individual tastes and preferences this could be an option if you don't want to invest in bacon cooking devices.

Save Time

The Bacon boss doesn't claim to save time when cooking bacon and customers have stated that it doesn't save time or cook bacon any quicker that the traditional way. It saves time when cleaning and washing up afterwards because it is one contained unit that keeps the mess in one place. Other customers have said cooking time is reduced because there is no more waiting for the cooking oil to heat up. Depending on the way you have cooked bacon up till now, the product could possibly save you valuable time when cooking.

Save Money

The bacon boss is an investment that will save money in the long term. There is no need to buy cooking oil any more and it saves a lot of money in cleaning products. Overall this is a cooking gadget that everyone should have in their kitchen which offers great results and tasty bacon for breakfast!

Positive Points

  • Easy To Use
  • The Bacon Boss is easy to use and cooks bacon to absolute even perfection and is easy to wash making it a great item for the whole family to use.

  • Compact And Sleek Design
  • The overall design will fit into any kitchen decor and is easy to store away under your worktops.

  • Less Mess
  • As stated above, it really does cut down on the oily, greasy mess that comes with cooking bacon making cooking a lot more enjoyable.

  • The Cost
  • The cost of the bacon boss is something that consumers are happy with. It isn't any more expensive than a usual frying pan would cost and is great worth for the money paid.

  • Possible To Variate
  • With this product, it is possible to cook other eatables other than bacon. Many consumers have said they have cooked ham, chicken and even eggs in the bacon maker making this a diverse and unique product to try for all your cooking needs.

5 REVIEWS FOR Bacon Boss

Absolute Junk

Bacon Lover | South Salt Lake, UT | 14 Oct 2017

Takes forever to cook in microwave, will not hold full pieces of bacon, bacon sticks to surface, pain to clean and only holds 4 half pieces of bacon. Save your money.

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Waste of Money

Dave | Ludlow, KY | 23 Feb 2017

This product is a low quality gimmick. Difficult to fit any more than four slices at a time. Squared corners makes it too big to turn in microwave. Uneven cooking takes longer than the recommended minute per slice. Had to run through cycle twice. Took much longer than standard stovetop frying. Rubber rim around top came off too easily. Just a bad experience.

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What a Mess

John | San Anselmo, CA | 30 Jan 2017

I used to have a plstic cooker to put in my microwave and it dod a great job. But after 8 years it cracked. The bacon Boss is a piece of junk! Cooked up four pieces of bacon, and had grease leaking out around the the edge of the glass onto the microwave plate and over base of the microwave oven. The bacon stuck to the bottom of the cooking plate and a pain to get it off in less than five parts instead of one single piece.

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Waist of Time and Money

Teresa | Renton, WA | 31 Dec 2016

This is the only time I have written a review so far so I really did not like this product. The bacon boss is a waste of time and money. It took for ever in my microwave to cook bacon. It stick to the pan. I found it leathery not crisp. It did not cook even. I had to scrape it off the pan. Lot of moisture in microwave. I will never advise anyone to buy it.

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Kathy | Beverly Hills, MI | 31 Dec 2016

I'm not sure why these people are complaining. I got five pieces in by just working around the hole in the middle. The very edge of the bacon overlapped slightly, but, that didn't hurt anything. Didn't fit in completely, so, I just pushed the ends in. After 5 minutes, I drained the grease and cooked for a little more. Came out great. I used thick bacon this time, next I'll use regular. And, as for the small amount of grease in microwave, it's better than all over the stove, floor, and grease popping and burning me. I don't to stand over and watch it the whole time, May I suggest to drain it in between cook cycles. No complaints so far. Will continue to use. Thank you.

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