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With Balloon Bonanza, you'll be able to inflate 40 water balloons in just a few seconds. The device comes with 40 balloons attached to cylindrical tubes, and when you connect it to your hose, water will flow through the tubes and into the balloons. You won't even need to tie the balloons yourself, as the device will seal them for you.

How It Works

As water flows through each of your Balloon Bonanza's 40 tubes, each balloon fills up and slides down to the very bottom of the tube it's attached to. There, each one seals itself via aqua-seal technology, and will drop onto the ground or into a container below.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach To Hose
  2. Attach the top of your Balloon Bonanza to your garden hose ( you do not need to have a specific type of hose to use this device, as it's compatible with any hose ).

  3. Turn On Water
  4. Turn on the water and watch as your hose quickly fills and seals 40 light blue water balloons.

  5. Use Balloons
  6. After the balloons have been filled and have dropped away from your device, they can immediately be picked up and used for games or other fun activities.

Positive Points

  • Comes Already Assembled
  • You won't need to put your Balloon Bonanza together, as it will arrive at your home already assembled, with the balloons attached.

  • Portable
  • Balloon Bonanza is small enough to be transported without difficulty, so you can take it to a friend's house, to the park, to a vacation spot, or virtually anywhere else you'd like to use it. It'll fit in a backpack, a suitcase, or even a large pocket.


  • Filling Balloons One By One
  • If you don't use a device like the Balloon Bonanza, you'll have to fill each balloon you have with water one by one, using your hose or tap. This will be quite time-consuming, and some of the balloons may fall off the hose or tap as you fill them. Plus, without using the Balloon Bonanza, you'll need to tie your balloons manually, which is difficult for many people, and may result in a loss of water.

Negative Points

  • All Balloons Are Blue
  • Each Balloon Bonanza only comes with light blue balloons, as opposed to balloons of various colors.


  1. Sneaking Up On People
  2. With the water balloons you create with your Balloon Bonanza, you can sneak around the corner and barrage your friends, or surprise a family member with a soaker when they get out of the car.

  3. Group Duel
  4. If you're at an outdoor gathering with a large group of friends or family members, a fun idea would be to break into teams and have a duel using your newly-created water balloons.

  5. Catch
  6. For some peaceful fun, when you and your family or friends just want to get a little bit wet, water balloon catch can be a fun game. It's also an ideal activity when you only have one other person to play with.

  7. Balloon Baseball
  8. As a variation on a standard game of baseball, you can try whacking your water balloons with a soft bat. Instead of tagging someone when they're out, you may even decide to give them a bit of a soaker.

5 REVIEWS FOR Balloon Bonanza

Ballon Bonanza Horrible 😤😡😱😖😬

Janie Noorie | Fairfield, OH | 17 Jul 2015

Ballon bonanza sucks. It was a wast of time and a wast of money too! $$$ When the kids were throwing the balloons at each other they didn't even pop when it hit them. I was not thrilled and will never get them again! $! $! $ 😖😟😠😡😩😬😬😬😨😱😱👎👎👎👎.

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Won't Ship When Promised

Edwards Family | Huntley, IL | 30 Jun 2015

I ordered 6 / 24, paid extra for 1/2 day shipping, they lied, no 1 to 2 day shipping. It is 6/30, still no product - out $48.95 and still waiting. They also promised to refund my extra shipping fee IN 7 TO 10 days. Public beware, is this all bogus?

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Tanya | Hornell, NY | 28 Jun 2015

These are NOT worth the money! They do fill fast, but they are very small, and they do seal themselves but not very tightly, so they leak and deflate very fast. It says right in the directions to use them immediately, but still, out of 120 balloons, half of them became flat. They were not reusable either as some people think. Waste of money and water!

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Backordered for Over 3 Weeks and Still Not in

Miriam | Iowa Falls, IA | 30 Apr 2015

Ordered the product with priority shipping yet it is on back order and they still don't have it in. Spoke with Nicholas in customer service. All they repeat is that you can check your order status online. Something is not right. Concerned this is a scam in some way or another.

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Cindea30 Apr 2015

This is not usefull! At all! : / .

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Other Ballons

Ryson Shepherd | Hopkinsville, KY | 15 Apr 2015

I have wondered if I can use other water ballons to go on the tool that ties it automatically? So it's more of a question not a review. Can I use other water ballons with it? If not that may be something they can do to improve this wonderful tool.

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