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Bark Box is a program that will send you a package containing various dog treats, toys, and goods when you subscribe. These packages are sent out on the 15th of each month.


  • Mystery Goods
  • Bark boxes are built around a theme each month that influences what comes in the box. Otherwise, you can expect to receive a variety of treats, food, and toys, but without knowing what each item will actually be.

  • Various Sizes
  • Bark box has different sized boxes for different sized dogs so that you can ensure you're getting appropriate products.

  • Charity
  • Bark box donates 10% of their proceeds to dogs in need, which is broken down into various charities. This helps foster a sense of good community for dog owners and lovers everywhere.

  • Quality
  • Many of Bark box's products are designed with quality in mind. Treats are often hormone-free and sometimes even incorporate grass-fed beef. Furthermore, toys are guaranteed not to have any harmful components.

  • Monthly Deliveries
  • The monthly deliveries from bark box ensures that you dog gets a variety of new products every month, which can keep your dog more engaged.

  • Variety Is The Spice Of Life
  • Every month features new and different toys, treats, etc. , so your dog is guaranteed to get something new moving forward, and not just the same old thing repeated again and again.

Save Money

Bark box includes a variety of goods, the sum of which are often greater than the monthly subscription. Users often price out the various items and find that they've saved money. Furthermore, there are a number of different subscription plans. For example, you can just choose to subscribe for one month at the price of 29$ / month. If instead you subscribe for a whole year, then the price is 18$/month. Therefore, you have the first rewards of saving money in exchange for not knowing what you're getting. In addition, you can save more money by choosing to commit to Bark Box long term.

Critical Advice

Many subscribers really enjoy the surprise aspect of bark box; it is, after all, a grab bag. Others, however, would prefer instead to spend the same amount of money on products they know they want / feel their dog is guaranteed to like. With any grab bag, there is that element of risk. Bark box does not, and cannot, guarantee that your dog will love everything in the box. It could be considered a better deal if you have a few dogs in the same size category. That would open up the possibility for one dog to like a toy that the other dog does not.


  • Toy Longevity
  • Many dog owners indicate that their dogs are avid chewers and destroy these toys quickly. However, it is worth noting that this could be a universal problem and not one with bark box's products specifically.

  • Not Knowing
  • It can feel discomforting to pay for something without knowing what it is, and that's exactly what bark box is. If you're too uneasy with the surprise, then this is not the program for you.


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