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The Be Active Brace is a device that you wrap around your lower leg, just below the knee, which helps relieve pain in your legs, buttocks, and lower back. It assists with the relief of both short-term and long-term pain, and is great for pregnant women or people suffering from sciatica ( irritation of the sciatic nerve ). This product is equally effective for both men and women.

How It Works

This brace was designed specifically to help anyone who is suffering from lower back pain. Once you wrap the brace around your chosen leg, the patented acupressure pad puts pressure on a specific trigger point that activates pain within your lower back. Due to this pressure, if you’re suffering from pain, you will begin to feel relief. However, often, pain in the lower back has spread to other parts of the lower half of the body, such as the buttocks and legs. Fortunately, the pressure of the Be Active Brace will help relieve these pains, too.


  1. Exercise
  2. Whether you’re at the gym or playing outside with the kids, the Be Active Brace will stay in place as you exercise. That means you’ll be able to work out and play games to the best of your ability, with little to no pain.

  3. Work
  4. Regardless of whether your job involves mainly sitting, or doing a lot of standing and walking, this brace will stay tightly wrapped around your calf, providing pain relief all day. If you're wearing pants or a long skirt, no one will even know it's there.

  5. Bending Down
  6. For people who suffer from pain in the lower back, buttocks, or legs, bending down is often difficult, especially if it must be done frequently. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable if you want to complete certain tasks at work or at home. Luckily, the Be Active Brace will make bending at the waist or the knee a much easier, less painful task.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Slide On
  2. Slide the brace on either your left or right leg ( it doesn't matter which, although if you're experiencing pain in only one leg, you can choose that one ). Make sure it's sitting just below the knee.

  3. Align
  4. Ensure that the brace is aligned so that the r for 'right' or l for 'left' is facing forward. The letter you choose to face forward must correspond with the leg you chose.

  5. Tighten
  6. Tighten the brace, if needed, so the pressure that it is applying on the leg is firm. If the pressure is not firm, the results you experience won't be as favorable.

  7. Leave On Or Remove
  8. While you can take the brace off whenever you want to, you can wear it all the time, if you like. Some people even choose to sleep in it, since it is comfortable to do so.

Positive Points

  • Quick Relief
  • You can put the Be Active Brace on quickly and easily, and once you have it on properly, you'll feel relief almost instantly.

  • Discreet Appearance
  • The brace is thin and streamlined enough that when you're wearing long pants or a skirt, others won't even know that you have it on. Due to the fact that it is comfortable, you won't feel it much yourself, either.

  • Can Wear To Bed
  • This brace is comfortable enough to wear during a night's sleep or a nap without it poking you or otherwise disturbing you.

  • Adjustable
  • The Be Active Brace will adjust to fit any leg size, so no matter how fat, muscular, or thin your legs are, you can wear it. If you gain or lose weight, just adjust the straps on your own.

  • Provides Permanent Relief
  • Some people will only need to wear the brace for a short period of time, to help relieve pain from a short-term injury, and that's fine. However, if you need to, you can wear this brace daily for the rest of your life, and let it offer you permanent pain relief.

  • For Everyone
  • This brace is not suitable for one gender over the other, so both men and women will experience similar effects when wearing it. Although adults are shown in the infomercial, no age restrictions are mentioned when it comes to the use of this product.

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Christine Robinson | Cupertino, CA | 13 Jul 2017

Ordered mine through Bezmart 22nd June, still not arrived, sent two emails to them, but no reply. Anyone else had this problem.

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Doesnt Fit

Aimi Kerr | Columbus, OH | 11 Jan 2017

Does not fit my legs no where near So cant check if works. Very dissapointed since said would fit anyone.

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Be Active Brace

Ree | Spokane, WA | 04 Nov 2016

It's crap they says it fits any leg size I'm an average build and the strap goes no where near the Velcro waste of money very disappointed.

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Deborah Scates | Beloit, WI | 02 Aug 2015

I have RH and Sciatica. So far I've had the Be Active brace for a week. I do have more mobility as a result. I'm going to continue to wear the knee brace.

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Mark | Riverside, CA | 05 Jul 2015

I suffer from lower back pain. Tried the be active brace for approximately 2 hrs and had bent over and snap. I immediately was more debilitated and in the greatest of pain that I felt in sonetime. What I heard was a snap of a tendon or muscle that within 24 hrs, the back of my calf was completely black & blue. If others find it to work, you've been lucky. On this account I would have paid ten fold to have never have tried it. Just let the buyer beware! I would never recommend this except for my worst enemy. Hopefully somewhat helpful! If possible, I would rate it with a negative since never had I had a problem with my calf muscles. Coincidence or due to the product use for only an hour. I have no belief it was a coincince. Good luck!

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Trujedi29 Oct 2015

You are not meant to bend your back when lifting anything. Bend your knees not your back. This device dos not cause your tendons to snap, years of misusing your back and poor posture did that!

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Active Brace

Sue Bryant | DeWitt, MI | 30 Apr 2015

I purchased the brace for $10.00 on ebay it was well worth it. I have sciatic not all the pain is gone but it does give me some relief.

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Wendell Salsman | St. Cloud, MN | 18 Feb 2015

The Beactive does not take all my sciatic nerve pain away, but it does reduce it somewhat. I also have a spinal cord stimulator which irritates the nerve, so I use the Beactive most of the time.

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Wendell Salsman24 Feb 2015

Update: using the wrap after some time causes my pain to travel down to the ankle. So, the wrap is not as good as stimulator.

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Lucy | Fishers, IN | 09 Feb 2015

I was told a LIE when I order that I would get a 100 gas card where is it are you all just liers.

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Mary Ellen Mccann | Fort Huachuca, AZ | 07 Feb 2015

This wrap is a joke! It doesn't fit my leg. I can't reach anyone by phone. Just another scam!

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Knee Brace

Bronc From Cleveland Ohio | Hurricane, UT | 30 Jan 2015

I'm guessing a lot of your skeptics don't know what pain in your legs n back are so after 15 yeas of rehab / pain management Drs, multiple back surgerys , fusions , rods , plates , screws , ect Drs , tons of drugs for mental ,and of course pain! I actual just put them on both legs and I do have some really nice relive so far so good I will keep u posted on them in the coming days thanks , from a real person struggling with real chronic pain. Bronc.

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