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The BeActive Brace is a brace for men and women of all ages that will help relieve lower back pain. It fits around either the left or right leg, just below the knee, and puts pressure on a specific point behind the knee, relieving discomfort all the way up to the lower back. It'll fit almost any leg, and has an adjustable strap so you can achieve an ideal fit.

How It Works

The nerves within the lower body are connected, so back pain often moves down from the lower back into the lower extremities. However, the BeActive Brace, when applied, puts gentle pressure on a specific pressure point within the calf, behind the knee. As it does so, pain relief will travel back up the lower body and toward the lower back, relieving pain throughout.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Position The Brace
  2. Slide your brace up your left or right leg so it's positioned just below the knee. Make sure that the "L" for left or the "R" for right is facing forward, in accordance with the leg you're using it on. With this, you'll ensure that the pressure pad is positioned correctly.

  3. Tighten Strap
  4. Tighten the adjustable strap in order to attach the brace to your leg. The strap should be tight enough to press firmly against your leg, but it should not be so tight that you feel uncomfortable.


  1. Work
  2. Whether you work at a physical job outside the home, or just do tons of housework on a daily basis, the BeActive Brace will reduce any lower back pain you may experience while doing so. Even if you have a sedentary job, it'll reduce any stiffness you may be subjected to while sitting at your desk.

  3. Exercise
  4. You can wear your BeActive Brace while you work out at home, outdoors, or at the gym. If you've attached the strap correctly, it should not budge, even if you're doing a lot of heavy-impact activities, such as running and jumping.

  5. Playing With Kids
  6. Keeping up with kids can be difficult as they tear through the house or run around outdoors, and lower back pain just makes it harder. Fortunately, when you wear the BeActive Brace, any lower back pain you have will be reduced, so you'll be able to participate in games of tag, soccer, and whatever else your kids want to play.

  7. Sleeping
  8. The BeActive Brace is comfortable enough to wear as you sleep. If you do so, you may find that your lower back and extremities are not as stiff as usual when you wake up.

Positive Points

  • Discreet
  • The BeActive Brace is thin enough that when you're wearing pants or a long skirt, no one will be able to tell that you're wearing it.

  • Fits Almost Any Leg
  • This brace is adjustable, so it will fit a variety of leg sizes. More specifically, it will fit calves between 12 and a half and 18 inches.

  • Relief Almost Instant
  • Once you put your BeActive Brace on and fasten the strap, you'll find that it relieves any pain you're experiencing in your lower body almost immediately.

Negative Points

  • Only Comes In Black
  • This brace only comes in black, while some users might prefer to wear a less-noticeable nude shade when wearing shorts or a short skirt.

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