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Beauty Buns are a specially designed pair of leggings that instantly lift your butt. By pulling a string you will have that sculpted, round, Brazilian booty you have always dreamed of. Stop wasting all of your time at the gym because these pants work with your current body to instantly lift your buns making them look toned, tight and round. Say goodbye to unflattering pants that make your booty look flat thanks to this product.


  • Various Sizes
  • Beauty Buns come in five different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. The extra-small fits sizes 2-4, small fits sizes 6-8, large will fit sizes 10-12, extra-large fits sizes 14-16 and extra-large will fit size 18.

  • Wear Them Everywhere
  • Beauty Buns are extremely versatile - in fact, you can pretty much where them anywhere. They are comfortable enough to wear to the gym so you will not feel restricted. On the other hand they are classy and stylish enough to wear out for a date. Pair them with great accessories and heels for a fabulous look while you go out.

  • Nylon Spandex Blend
  • These leggings are made out of a nylon spandex blend. This gives the pants stretch, but it also holds everything in place making your butt looks smoothed and toned.

Negative Points

  • Not Warm
  • These are not your ideal pants to wear during the winter. The material is fairly thin and will not keep you warm. Some leggings feature a thermal lining to keep you warm during the cold months but these ones do not.

  • Thin
  • Beauty Buns is not made with the thickest type of material. If you happen to buy a size that is too tight the material will stretch and become see through. This is both unpleasant for you and people around you. Also be careful when you are pulling the drawstring - do not pull it too tight.

Easy to Use

  1. Size
  2. Pick your size by following the size chart.

  3. Put Them On And Pull
  4. Put on Beauty Buns and pull the drawstring. Remember the tighter you pull, the more lifted your booty will look.


  • Machine Washable
  • Beauty Buns are machine washable. You can also put them in the dryer without having to worry about the material shrinking.

  • Any Size, Any Shape
  • It does not matter what your size is, or what shape you have because this product will instantly improve the appearance of your booty.

  • Bubble Butt
  • These specially designed leggings will instantly give you that bubble butt you have always wanted. The best part is that if your booty pops, it also creates the illusion of leaner legs so you look fantastic all over.

  • Hourglass Shape
  • Every women dreams of having an hourglass figure, and Beauty Buns helps you achieve that goal. By tightening around your waist they suck in your midsection and at the same time lift your booty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Colour Options?
  • Beauty Buns are currently only offered in the colour black.

How It Works

The secret behind Beauty Buns is the drawstring technology. These pants work when you pull a drawstring. The reason for that is because the drawstring is attached to the butt area, so when you tighten the strings, it lifts the butt by pulling the material upwards. This creates the appearance of a lifted bubble butt. Remember, the more you pull the drawstrings, the more lift you get. So pull until you are satisfied.

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Beautybuns Leggings

Tijuana | Piqua, OH | 18 Jan 2015

Bullshit a total scam this product could have made someone rich if it was real but I guess someone did get rich after everyone money but I will not let this go promise.

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