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Big Vision eyewear is hands-free and will magnify anything you need to look at by 200 percent, without distorting its shape. Each pair of Big Vision can be worn like glasses, even with contact lenses, or overtop of other prescription glasses or a pair of sunglasses. You do not need an eye exam or a prescription from an optometrist in order to obtain this eyewear.


  1. Reading Small Print
  2. Whether it's in a book, on a pill bottle, or on the screen of your tablet or smartphone, you can use Big Vision eyewear to magnify small print, making it easier to read.

  3. Operating Remote Controls
  4. Sometimes the buttons on a remote control are so small that they can be hard to read, too, but wearing a pair of Big Vision glasses will enable you to see them more clearly. Hence, you won't be as likely to press a button you shouldn't and disrupt your television program.

  5. Looking At Photos
  6. Wearing Big Vision eyewear will not only magnify small images on your smartphone or tablet, but will also magnify old black and white photos, enhancing their clarity.

  7. Working On Crafts
  8. Doing needlework and other handiwork requires extreme precision, and one wrong move can mess up a project. Luckily, if you wear your Big Vision glasses while doing handicrafts, you'll be able to clearly see everything you pick up, so you'll be unlikely to make a mistake. Plus, you'll dramatically decrease your risk of poking yourself with a pin or needle.

  9. Removing Splinters
  10. If you need to remove a splinter, your Big Vision eyewear will magnify it so you'll be able to see the entire thing without difficulty. This will come in handy when you need to remove your own splinters, and if you need to remove a splinter from a young child's hand or foot.

  11. Inspecting Stamps Or Coins
  12. For stamp or coin collectors, examining new stamps or coins ( or your existing collection ) will not be as time-consuming when you magnify each item with Big Vision.

  13. Fixing Things
  14. If you need to perform a repair that requires you to work with small parts, such as that of an electronic device or a piece of jewelry, you can magnify the parts with Big Vision. By using these glasses for magnification, you'll be able to keep both of your hands free to finish your task.

Positive Points

  • Carrying Case Included
  • Each pair of Big Vision eyewear comes with a carrying case, which you can use to reduce the risk of scratching as you carry these glasses around.

  • Come With Free Led Light
  • Every pair of Big Vision also comes with an LED light that will come in handy when you're using the glasses in an area with little light.


  • Magnifying Glass
  • Big Vision eyewear works in a similar way to a magnifying glass, but if you use a standard magnifying glass, you'll only be able to keep one hand free.

Negative Points

  • Big And Clunky Looking
  • While Big Vision glasses are lightweight, they appear big and clunky on the faces of some users. Therefore, some people may feel unattractive while wearing them.

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M Goodwin | Ceres, CA | 19 Jul 2015

I would not buy this or any of this junk again it is better to go to a Dollar Store to get a pair of glasses that would be better then the crap I got.

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Eva02 Dec 2015

The negative review that I have just read does not go into detail. Why is it called junk or crap? It magnifies while leaving your hands free, doesn't it?

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Dollar Store Here I Come30 Aug 2015

Thanks for your comments. I've started looking at the reviews before I buy from TV ads.

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