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All thanks to the Black Purse Pouch, you no longer have to cause inconvenience to someone who is in the passenger's seat, or struggle to reach out for your purse while driving. You can safely reach for your purse and avoid dropping everything on the floor while trying to grab it. This purse pouch is placed in between the driver’s and the front passenger’s seat. With the convenience and comfort that comes with the pouch, you can not only get your car organised, but also avoid distractions. It is user friendly, which means once you know how to install it, further use is a piece of cake. To match the interiors of your car, you have two colors to choose from.


  • Portable
  • Everyone wants something that they can carry anywhere, and this is exactly what the pouch offers. Its lightweight, meaning portable-easy to carry around.

  • Easy To Install
  • Technical know-how is not needed in order to fix the pouch in your car. You do not need to assemble it or need tools to have it in place. It boasts an easy installation.

  • Storage
  • It creates more space in the car and also, creates a non-existing space in between the two front seats.

  • Safety
  • Using this pouch help you to keep off distractions when trying to reach out for your purse while still driving. Distraction is known to lead to numerous road accidents.

  • Adjustable
  • In the event that you have different cars, you do not have to get a purse pouch for each one of them unless you choose to. With a universal fit, you can adjust the pouch to fit in any car you may have.

  • Colors
  • Users have option to choose between the tan or the black color of this purse pouch.

  • Easy To Clean
  • Although you can take it to a dry cleaner for cleaning, it is, however, designed in a way that you can easily clean it at home.

  • Unisex
  • This pouch not only suits women who want to secure their purses, but also men who want to secure their personal belongings. Men can keep their diaries, wallets and phones in the pouch for an easy reach.

  • Getting Rid Of Trash
  • A feature that will please anyone is the fact that you can line the purse pouch with a plastic bag for stashing trash. You do not want to litter your car or the environment.

Negative Points

  • Does't Have A Cover
  • No matter how secure the purse pouch keeps your belongings in it, there is high chance that a hard hit of the brakes would end up throwing all the contents over. The pouch is convenient but is not covered at the top to keep the contents inside in case of an abrupt move. This means you will need to remember to secure your purse before placing it in the pouch.

  • Not For Heavy Stuff
  • Heavy items such as large bottles of water can damage the pouch. When it has heavy stuff in it, the pouch tends to weigh down at its center. It is not a convenient choice in a case as such.

  • See Through
  • The Purse Pouch is not the best option to keep personal belongings that you do not wish anyone else to see. It is clear enough to display its contents.

  • Lightweight
  • This purse pouch is very lightweight but sturdy enough to hold a lot of goods.

  • Colors
  • You do not have much choice when it comes to choosing your preferred colors. It is only available in black and tan which can be a turn off for those that dislike dull colors.

  • Not For Large Purses
  • If you carry more than two wallets or you have a regular size purse, the purse pouch could be too small for you. Some have complained that even the medium sized wallets do not fit in it.

  • Time Consuming
  • Although the pouch is meant to make it easier for you to get your personal belongings without veering off the road, you may end up spending more time trying to locate something small in size.

  • Shapes
  • At times, we want something out of the ordinary or simply, something that is unique. With the purse pouch, you are limited to only a few shapes that you can choose from.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Install It
  2. You do not need an everyday manual to fix the pouch. You can fix it once and remove it when you want to change or clean it. One thing that you should keep in mind when installing the purse pouch is to ensure that it is behind the center console.

  3. Secure
  4. Each side of the pouch should be hooked up on the two front seats of your car. This leaves it hanging in the space between the two front seats. It can be used by those at the back and the front seat.

  5. Secure The Hooks
  6. Each of the car seats have a head rest with a metal base. This is where you should secure the hooks to ensure the pouch does not fall off. None of the straps should be left hanging.

  7. Put Your Items
  8. Once the pouch is secured on the two car seats, it is time to put your belongings. Remember they must not stretch the pouch too much.

How it's Different from Competitors

Despite the negative features of the purse pouch, it is a great option when you want your car to be organised. There are other pouches in the market today that you can choose from. If you feel limited to the shapes, sizes, make and the convenience that this pouch has to offer, stay open for choices. That said, this pouch can hold food bags, phones, make-up kits and notebooks among other things just like other pouches out there.

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