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Bootati is the low impact exercise system that was designed specifically for your butt. The high intensity movements let you obtain results fast. In a matter of minutes each day you can tone, lift and firm your glutes. It is so easy to use and the adjustable setting makes it perfect for everyone. If you want the booty of your dreams you should give Bootati a try. Say goodbye to a butt that just hangs there because Bootati will give you one that pops.


  • Bootati
  • Every order comes with one Bootati system that is adjustable. This makes it perfect for exercise beginners, experts and everyone in between.

  • Dvd
  • The starter DVD gives you all of the information you need to know. It provides examples of exercises along with detailed instructions about proper form and instructions on how to obtain optimal results.

  • Poster
  • The instructional poster is a guide you can follow throughout your workout. This poster is all about proper form, technique and execution of movements to ensure you are doing everything correctly.


  • Adjustable
  • Bootati has 5 different resistance settings. This makes the glute building system perfect for everyone. As you improve increase the resistance to continue feeling that burn. The higher your go, the more of a burn you will feel.

  • Size
  • Bootati's slim design makes it perfect for storage. It is not bulky or heavy. You can store it in the closet or under the bed.

  • Perfect For Everyone
  • The five different settings make Bootati perfect for everyone. People young and old can use this system. Even if you are an exercise novice or an expert you can still feel the burn.

How it's Different from Competitors

Traditionally if you want to target your glutes during a workout you should do exercises like squats and lunges. The problem with these exercise is that if they are not performed correctly they can result in a lot of back pain and they add bulk to your thighs. Many women want to target their butt without building muscle in the legs and thighs. Bootati does exactly that. This system offers low impact and high intensity workouts that specifically target your butt without adding bulk to other areas. The flexion bar provides resistance in the glutes giving you immediate results.

Save Time

Stop spending hours working out so you can improve your glutes. Use Bootati instead. By using Bootati you can obtain a firm, toned and lifted rear end in just minutes per week. This will save you huge amounts of time because you will not be wasting it at the gym.

Save Money

Gym memberships are expensive and purchasing at home workout equipment can be just as pricey. Bootati gets you results and saves you money at the same time. Do not purchase exercise machines that take up space and cost a fortune because Bootati will give you better results and it costs less.

Easy to Use

  1. Choose Resistance
  2. Choose the resistance setting you want to use.

  3. Lay Down
  4. Lay down on Bootati.

  5. Clip It
  6. Clip the buckles shut over top of your hips.

  7. Place Feet
  8. Place your feet on the two black bars at the base of Bootati for stability.

  9. Lift
  10. Lift your hips up towards the ceiling.

  11. Lower And Repeat
  12. Lower your hips back towards the floor, then lift them up towards the ceiling once again.


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