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Bright eyes blankets are soft and cuddly blankets with glow in the dark eyes! They are machine washable and made from high quality soft fabric with heavy duty stitching. The blanket is great for keeping kids snuggly and warm; it fits them from head to toe and is so versatile in its uses. There are four designs to choose from to suit everyone – puppy, kitten, duck or panda.


  • Machine Washable
  • You need never worry about kids wearing their bright eyes blanket around the house and getting on with their activities. Relax and be reassured that the fabric will stand up to the regular washing that children’s items will undoubtedly require.

  • Soft
  • Kids will love to snuggle up and have quiet time with their blanket which naturally will calm them down. In such a busy world, it’s great to have something to help kids relax and perhaps even help them get off to sleep.


  • Possible Overheating
  • Such a warm and soft fabric makes it perfect for falling asleep; parents will need to be vigilant to remove the blankets from their children before they become too hot. Children will want to keep their blankets on, and very young children may not think to remove them or to regulate their body temperatures.

  • Built In Arms
  • It makes it a little tricky for children to be fully wrapped up, but still read or play. If it’s not bedtime, this tends to relegate children to static activities such as watching tv - which is not always what you want them to be doing. The built in hands makes washing hands impossible.


  • Folds Up As A Pillow
  • This is great for traveling or simply storing your blanket in a useful tidy fashion.

  • Four Options For Characters
  • Whatever your child’s interests, there is likely to be one of the blankets that appeals to them.


The infomercial describes how the blanket will quickly become a favorite for kids of all ages and will become your child’s favorite friend. Friendly animal faces with eyes that start to glow. Bright eyes blankets are really cute and incredibly soft. They have multiple uses, around the house, going to bed, visiting friends or camping. Glow in the dark eyes provide night time fun. All kids love blankets, and these are super soft and cuddly, with heavy stitching to guarantee it last. Kids will never want to cuddle anything else. A pillow can be made from the blanket to store and transport. If you order now you can make a saving by buying more than one. These make a perfect gift for children of all ages – even college starters! There is a 60 day money back. Imagine your child’s face when they receive a blanket! You have to be 18 or older to order.

How It Works

The blanket works as a traditional blanket, but with the additional comfort of a hood. It appeals to children with the animal face and eyes that glow in dark. Furthermore, the arms have paws on the end to carry on the theme.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are other blankets out there with sleeves and hoods. However, the bright eyes blanket is designed as an animal. Additionally, there are glow in the dark eyes on the character hood and the arms also have built in paws to match the animal character.


  • The Slanket
  • A similarly priced product that, although offers kids sizes, doesn’t have the same appeal of cute characters to children. Some have kid’s designs on the fabric, but not the great character heads and glow in the dark eyes. These styles are also machine washable.

  • The Snuggie
  • The snuggie is a cheaper version of the wearable blanket. With sleeves and a tie up waist, it makes it possibly more useful - but there are no kid’s sizes and designs are limited.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use The Blanket As A Cloak
  2. When the children are up and about, or even needing to wash their hands, keep the main part of the blanket behind the arms to aid movement.

  3. Remove From Sleeping Children
  4. Young children are not always able to regulate their temperature or know when they should remove before sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Should It Be Washed?
  • The blanket can be washed on a normal machine wash – just be mindful of mixing colored items.

  • Where Can It Be Bought?
  • It is only available online.

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