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Brightlings is a cute, singing, talking and light-up toy which is aimed for children from the ages of four and upwards. Play music or get it to repeat things you say. This is a great educational and fun device which all children will have fun with. It comes with a range of fantastic features meaning your child won't get bored with their Brightling anytime soon. Brightlings are designed with a plush, soft material and they have a stylish and colorful design that any child would love. This interactive toy has been designed and created with both younger and older children in mind.


  • Three Unique Play Options
  • The Brightling offers three fun ways for your child to interact. Play, repeat and music. It repeats what you say, plays music and sings.

  • Pitch-changing Feature
  • By tilting the doll back and forth it changes pitches when singing.

  • Over 100 Words
  • The Brightling has over 100 words and phrases programmed into her making her one of the most interactive toys on the market yet.

  • Comes In Three Colors
  • There are three unique colors that you can purchase. Purple, pink and teal so that your child can choose depending on his or preferred color.

  • 6 Styles Of Music
  • There are six snazzy styles to choose from including pop, rock, jazz, opera, yodel and beat box.

Positive Points

  • Entertains Children
  • The Brightling is designed to entertain your little ones with their singing and talking options. It is a great way for your children to pass the time.

  • Interactive
  • The Brightling is educational and interactive making it a perfect toy for your child. With the talk and repeat program this is a great way to get your children chattering away.

  • Soft And Cuddly
  • Not only is the Brightling an interactive and talking toy, but also it is soft and cuddly. The product has the potential to soon become a favorite of your child's. It is safe for children to sleep with, and safe to use on the go. Brightlings is also lightweight making it a preferable choice for many.

  • Lights Up
  • When the toy is in use the face lights up a pretty color making it even more exciting for your child to use.

  • Off Mode
  • Every parent loves something that has a switch to turn it off when it gets too much. The designers have made the Blightlings with parents in mind too and have created three modes of play including off!

Negative Points

  • No Light Mode
  • The Brightling has an on, off and try me mode but no mode to be just able to use the light on the face of the toy. Some children might like to use this as a night light but the product is only lit up when in play.

  • Activating Phrases
  • The more the toy is played with the more phrases are activated. This can be a frustration for younger children who might not understand how to get the toy to interact with you.

  • 15 Seconds Of Recording
  • The Brightling only allows 15 seconds of recording. This can be quite short and a lot of customers say at least 25 seconds would have been better.

  • Difficult To Clean
  • As for the computer inside the doll, it is impossible to just throw it in the washing machine. It needs to be washed and cleaned by hand which makes life a little difficult for tired parents!

How It Works

The Brightlings is easy to use and requires 3 AAA batteries to work. There are three different modes which you can turn on. The ear is used as a record button and has up to fifteen seconds of recording time. For playback you have to press the tummy. To be able to change the pitch of her voice you can tilt her side to side. While the Brightlings is talking or singing there is a light and animation which is on her face which gives the appearance her mouth is moving. If you squeeze her hand then you activate the singing mode where she can sing in six different styles. You can change the styles by pressing the ear.


  • My Friend Teddy
  • My Friend teddy is a cheaper version of an interactive teddy bear and is great for both girls and boys. This item also speaks English and Spanish!

  • Cloud Pets Talking Bunny
  • This stuffed blue bunny has some great reviews on Amazon. The product doesn't light up but does interact with your children and record phrases and sayings. It doesn't have an many features as the Brightlings and is in the same price range.

  • Interactive Barney
  • This is a classical and one that loads of children love. Interactive with singing and dancing but in the higher price range.

Critical Advice

Many parents who purchase similar interactive toys for their children have given the advice to fellow parents before buying and they state that technology is taking over our children's lives. Interactive toys can be harmful if over-used. Toys like this although can help with skills and the social growth of our children it can also cause issues such as difficulty to socialise within a refined group. Many parents say that teaching children to play the traditional way will help their skills and growth more than an interactive, light-up toy. As research has been conducted into such concerns there is no proof that an interactive, talking toy will harm your child's mind in any way.

Easy to Use

  1. Easy To Start And Play With
  2. The Brightlings interactive toy is safe and easy to use. With only an on and off switch and simple pressing modes, this toy can be turned into a talking, singing doll simply and swiftly. Powered by batteries they are easy to change and is a great item to buy for your children. With easy use and the design the creators have chosen, the Brightlings ranks in the top for talking and singing toys. The price is affordable which is another thing parents love and it ease of use makes it perfect for children as young as four.

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