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From the company that brought us pillow pets, comes brush pets. This line is modeled after the pillow pets; each pillow pet has been transformed into a toothbrush. These toothbrushes are designed to get children excited about brushing their teeth by singing and talking for the duration of two minutes.


  • Talks/sings
  • The brush pets will periodically say certain encouraging messages when turned on, keeping the child engaged. Also, there is music the whole time, which fills the gaps when the animal isn't talking.

  • Timed
  • When turned on, the brush pets are active for two minutes, which the infomercial touts as the standard amount of time recommended by dentists.

  • Variety Of Animals
  • There is one brush pet for every pillow pet, so if your child already has a pillow pet, the panda for example, he or she can get a matching brush.

  • Toothbrush Cover
  • Right now, brush pets has a deal that includes a toothbrush cover with each toothbrush. This cover works with the brush pet to keep the brush from getting dirty, lost, etc. By providing it a clear place.

Easy to Use

  1. Turn On The Brush Pet
  2. The brush pet has an easy to use on / off switch.

  3. Brush!
  4. It's as easy as that. You just keep brushing the entire time the brush pet is active. It will turn off after two minutes to let you know that you're done.


  • Appealing
  • By building off the brand of pillow pets, these toothbrushes are designed for kids to want them. Then, it isn't supposed to be as difficult to get them to brush their teeth.

  • Timed
  • Having the timer function built in to the toothbrush means that parents don't have to monitor the amount of time their kids are spending.

  • Bpa Free
  • Brush pets guarantees that all plastic used is non-toxic. They also state that their product contains no phthalates.

Critical Advice

User reviews indicate that brush pets don't last for very long, and that once they do die, there is no way to replace the battery. In essence, if it dies, you have to buy a new one. Thus, parents report that although their kids love the brush pets, it isn't cost effective. Furthermore, many users express issues with water getting everywhere in the toothbrush, and occasionally issues with rust. Children can't be expected to keep a toothbrush dry, and it seems that the brush pets aren't equipped to handle that. Also, some people expect the entire toothbrush to be electric; it is not. The only electronic component of this toothbrush is the singing and timer mechanism. Children still have to manually brush their teeth.

How it's Different from Competitors

The biggest difference that brush pets has going for it is branding. Don't underestimate the power of branding, however. Many user reviews indicate that children love the brush pets and have to have them. Other toothbrush products exist that are targeted at children and "sing" for the duration of 2 minutes. Again, this is not an electronic toothbrush in terms of rotating brushes, and so those products that combine singing and electronic heads can be seen as a step up.

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