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Bunch O Balloons is a pack of 35 easy to fill and self-sealing water balloons. These water balloons can be connected to a water source, like a garden hose, which will rapidly fill them up. You can then separate the bunch and throw the balloons at your friends and family, thus having a fun-filled water fight.


  • Filling
  • Attach a water hose to the base of the bunch and turn it on. The balloons will fill up in seconds.

  • Tying
  • You do not need to tie up these balloons. Once they are filled, their mouths will be sealed automatically. They come with a knot already in place which becomes tight when you fill the balloons up.

  • Recyclable
  • These water balloons are made of biodegradable and recycled material. In this way you know that you are not polluting or harming the environment by using these balloons.

  • No Spilling
  • The knots of these balloons are tight and no water will be spilled.

  • Safe
  • It is safe to use this product. When a balloon hit a target, it will burst and soak the person. However, no one will be harmed or injured with this product.

  • Colors
  • All the balloons in a single bunch of Bunch O Balloons come in one color. However, different colored bunches are available. These include blue, green, purple and red color.


  • Number
  • You get 35 balloons in a single bunch and you can get three bunches in one offer. This lets you have and play with more than 100 water balloons.

  • Ease Of Use
  • Bunch O Balloons do not need to be filled up individually. Also, you do not need to spend ages on tying them up. Therefore they are easy to use and free of hassle.

Negative Points

  • Bursting
  • These balloons fill up rapidly with water. However, if you over-fill them by forgetting to turning off the water source, these balloons may burst and then will be useless.

  • Losing Balloons
  • When the balloons fill up, you need to shake the hose to release them and let them tie up and fall to the ground. However, if you shake the hose too soon, some balloons will not have adequately filled up and will not be usable.

  • Dropping On The Ground
  • When you fill the water balloons and shake the hose to release them, make sure you have a large enough bucket underneath that will catch the balloons. If a filled water balloon falls directly on the ground, it will burst.

  • Filling
  • All the water balloons do not always fill up when you turn on the water source. Some remain empty and so cannot be used.


  • Attachment
  • Make sure that your hose is screwed on tight to the base of Bunch O Balloons before you turn on the water. Otherwise water will leak and will be wasted. Also, filling will be slower.

  • Bucket
  • Place a large bucket under the balloons or you will lose a few when they hit the ground and burst.

  • Practice
  • You need to practice shaking the hose, so you release the balloons properly.

  • Location
  • Make sure your kids are not taking these water balloons to the school or any other inappropriate place.

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