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This helpful little car seat caddy fits perfectly between your front seats and will hold any item, making it easily retrievable when you do need it. It can also be used for storing important documents, folders, paperwork - or whatever it is you need to keep safe in your car. You will not have to worry about fumbling around trying to find things any longer - just store it in your Catch Caddy and know exactly where to find it.


  • It Is Washable
  • This product is easy to clean if it gets dusty or dirty.

  • Fits In Any Car
  • The Catch Caddy isn't just made for specific vehicles, it will work in any car type and fits perfectly in between any vehicles seats.


  • Maybe Too Flexible
  • They are made to be flexible and bendy to fit in between any seats. However, they seem to be so bendy that while you're driving to find something the product might be a distraction all on its own.

  • Claims To Do Too Many Things
  • They claim to catch spills while also keeping important documents organized. However, who wants coffee spills all over their important documents? Perhaps they should stick to the product doing one thing or another.


  • Installs Quickly And Easily
  • The Catch Caddy literally installs in seconds. Just slide it between your seats and you are good to go.

  • They Will Go Unnoticed
  • The product is virtually invisible because it was made to match any car interior color.


The infomercial for the Catch Caddy promises that you will stop losing things in the “black hole” between your seats. If you drop food, phones, or even spill something while driving - it will be there to catch it before it hits the floor.

How It Works

The Catch Caddy organizer is placed in between the seats in any vehicle and will catch objects before they fall on the floor. They are flexible enough to fit in any vehicle make or model. Also, they move with your seat when you move it forward or backwards.


  • Drop Stop
  • The drop stop product isn't necessarily an organizer, but it does fill in the gaps between any vehicles seats so that things never get lost down there again.

  • Car Folio Front Seat Organizer
  • This organizer isn't meant to catch spills or drops, but it is a nice organizer to have in your vehicle for important documents or folders. It fits snuggly between the seat and console, but it also looks like it could possibly get in the way.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clean It Often
  2. Catch daddy's are easily washable - so take advantage of this by cleaning it often. If something gets spilled in there, you do not want to put important papers in there the next day. Make sure it is clean and dry before using it for important things like documents or cell phones.

  3. Use More Than One
  4. When you purchase your Catch Caddy, you will receive three for free for a total of four of these amazing organizers. Put one between both front seats to stay even more organized and catch even more drops and spills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Clean It?
  • All that is needed to keep your product clean is a little soap and water. You should not need to use anything else.

  • Will It Get In The Way?
  • The Catch Caddy fits down snuggly into the space between your seat and console, so it will not be in the way at all.

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Bad Business Locator

Chris | Virginia Beach, VA | 05 Dec 2014

This is a perfect example of a scam with in the product world. For one, it does not work. For two they say 4 for $20 until you get billed for a $30 shipping cost. Oh, and did I say it does not work. They need to be looked into for fraud and who else knows.

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