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Everyday we hear about people struggling to lose weight and products devoted to helping you accomplish weight loss. What about those people who struggle to put on weight? If you struggle to gain weight or have a small appetite CB- 1 Weight Gainer might be for you. This is a safe and natural supplement that helps you gain weight. Paired with a weight gain program that is a guide about exercise, food choices and supplements CB -1 will help you achieve your weight gain goal.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Take Supplement
  2. You should take one CB -1 Weight Gainer pill 30 to 60 minutes before each of your meals. These supplements will increase your calorie intake which is essential for weight gain.

  3. Read The Guidebook
  4. Every order is paired with a weight gain program that offers advice about nutrition and exercise. This guide will help you gain weight and maintain your weight so you should definitely read it for optimal results.

  5. Gain Weight
  6. If you follow the two previous steps all you have to do is let yourself gain weight. It is that easy and before you know it your body will transform into a figure that you love and have always dreamed of.

How It Works

CB -1 Weight Gainer works by increasing the amount of calories you eat at each meal. That is why this supplement must be consumed prior to eating a meal. This supplement is made of up various minerals, vitamins and natural herbs. These ingredients combine to create something called isobutylamides. Isobutylamides aid in weight gain because they increase your appetite so you eat more and slow your metabolism to ensure you are not burning calories too fast. Eating more in combination with a slow metabolism will result in weight gain. Using the weight gain guide however will ensure you are gaining weight in a healthy way that will not be harmful to your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Safe?
  • Yes, CB -1 Weight Gainer is safe and has FDA approval. The product has been certified as safe and meets all the requirements to be labelled as a safe dietary supplement.

  • Who Can Take It?
  • Both men and women can safely consume this supplement. It is safe to be used by people of all ages including senior citizens who are experiencing decreased appetites. Even children can consume this supplement - if they are able to swallow a pill they are able to take CB -1 Weight Gainer.

  • How Many Capsules?
  • Each order comes with 90 capsules. You should only consume one capsule before each meal so they average person will consume 3 capsules per day.

  • Guaranteed To Work?
  • Yes, CB -1 is guaranteed to work. In fact, its creators have issued a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results.


  • Natural
  • This product is all natural so you do not have to worry about unsafe ingredients and fillers.

  • Tested
  • All of the ingredients in this product have been tested to ensure their safety.

  • Guide
  • The guide that comes with the supplements ensures that you are gaining weight the right way and eating the right type of foods. Weight gain must be done in a careful manner to ensure it does not harm your health.

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