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Cerama brush is a hair straightening tool that acts as a hairbrush and straightener in one. It works on any type and length of hair, no matter how curly. Plus, it's much easier on the hair than a flat iron. The product fights frizz and static and will make your hair look beautifully sleek, along with adding volume.

How It Works

The cerama brush works effectively due to its patented plates, which are coated in ceramic and give the brush its name. When you use the device in combination with a blow dryer, aimed closely at the hair you wish to straighten, the plates absorb the blow dryer’s heat. After this absorption, they then spread the warm air onto the hair. Once the brush is slid through the heated hair, the hair will become as straight as a flat iron would make it. However, since this device doesn’t heat the hair quite as much as a flat iron does, said hair won’t undergo any damage resulting from excessive heat.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Brush And Blow
  2. While running the Cerama Brush through a section of hair you wish to straighten ( bristles facing upward ), aim a blow dryer at the same section of hair to offer heat.

  3. Repeat Process
  4. Repeat the above step for as many sections of hair as you choose.

  5. Clean Brush After Use
  6. If your brush is full of hair after you use it, simply flick the button on the back and the ceramic plates will push the hair off the brush's bristles.

Positive Points

  • Mirror On Back
  • The cerama brush has a mirror on the back, so you can use it to look at yourself as you make any touch-ups. You can also use it to apply makeup or other beauty products, if needed.


In the official infomercial, a thermographic camera has been set up. It shows a person's hair being straightened by a standard flat iron, and reveals that their hair is basically being burned at 450 degrees. The same camera shows a person's hair being straightened by the cerama brush, demonstrating that this device uses much less heat, while making hair just as straight.


  • Flat Iron
  • If you choose not to use the cerama brush, you can use a traditional flat iron to straighten your hair. However, as shown in the infomercial, it will burn the hair. Over time, if you use a flat iron frequently, your hair will lose its shine, becoming brittle and looking lifeless. Plus, it is easy to accidentally burn your skin while using a standard flat iron.

Save Time

When you use the cerama brush, you will cut a lot of time out of your morning or evening hairstyling routine. Normally, you would have to use a blow dryer and then a hair straightening tool, but when you use this brush, you can use them both together. Plus, if you want to have your hairstyle ready to go even more quickly, you can flick the button on the back of the brush to raise the bristles. This will turn your brush into a vented brush and speed up the drying process.

Save Money

If you currently don’t own a hair straightening product but want one, or need a new one, buying a cerama brush is much cheaper than buying a flat iron. If you use the cerama brush instead, you will also save money on hair products. This is due to the fact that you won’t have to buy extra products to treat the damage a flat iron will cause to your hair.

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