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The Chill Chest is a collapsible cooler you can take with you on the go to keep your goods cool.


  • Large Capacity
  • This unit has a large capacity. In fact, it can hold up to sixty cans and will keep all of the cans cool for up to ten hours.

  • New Technology
  • Temperature Lock Technology is what keeps the cold trapped inside.

  • Collapsible
  • The unit is collapsible and stackable, which lets you store it easily. It also makes it easy for anyone to handle with one arm, so grandma or the kids can carry it.

  • Hot Or Cold
  • You can store hot or cold foods using this unit and will face no issues. Hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold.

  • Strong
  • This incredibly strong unit can hold over 100 times its weight, so you do not have to worry about overloading it.

  • Lightweight
  • This unit weighs only two pounds! It is light enough you could carry two coolers at once. 

  • Take It Anywhere
  • You can take this unit anywhere. When you go to a dinner party, make hot food and keep it hot during the drive. Keep it in your trunk so that when you go to the grocery store, your foods will remain cold during a hot drive home. Fold it flat when you are done and store it in a small space.

How it's Different from Competitors

This unit is different than traditional ice chests because it does not require loads of ice to keep it cool. It can keep foods hot or cold no matter what. More importantly--and for some people, most importantly--it collapses when not in use. This is important for many people who struggle to find room to store their coolers when they are not out and about. With the chill chest you can flatten it and store it until you need it next. It can even be kept in the car so you always have it with you.


  • Stack More Than One
  • With this unit you can stack multiple on top of one another, making it easy for you to enjoy extra storage. Even when they are collapsed, they fit nicely like puzzle pieces.

  • Use All The Time
  • You can use this unit everywhere you go! It can easily be taken to the beach, at a sporting event, to a backyard party, out fishing or boating, on long road trips and even when grocery shopping. Cook hot foods and store them inside this cooler to enjoy a nice warm meal when arriving at your destination or make it a nice ice cold drink cooler after a full day of hiking.

How It Works

The secret behind the Chill Chest is the temperature lock technology which uses polypropylene construction to keep things cold up to ten hours, but also keep things hot. Whatever the temperature is of the objects you place inside, that will be the temperature of the chest.

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Dan | Baldwin City, KS | 24 Oct 2017

I ordered on August 9th and not a word. Is it a scam?

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