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Chop magic is like owning 12 knives that you can use all at once. This cutting system consists of a catch container, 2 blades - one for dicing and the other for mincing, along with a lid to push down. Each blade comes with 12 stainless steal knives - this gives you the power to cut fruits, vegetables and cheese all in a matter of seconds. All of your chopping needs can be answered with chop magic.


  • No Mess
  • The catch container catches everything that is chopped through the blades - talk about an easy clean up.

  • No Cutting
  • Forget about having to dice your vegetables or make cheese cubes because chop magic does it for you. Even better, avoid getting teary eyed from chopping onions and you never have to worry about cutting yourself!

  • Easy
  • All you have to do is place the vegetable on top of the blade, put the cover on and push down. The cover works to push the food through the blades.

  • Measuring Cup
  • Chop magic is also a measuring cup. The catch container is labelled and can hold 6 cups of food. This allows you to do all of your mixing directly in the container.

Easy to Use

  1. Open Package
  2. Once you receive your Chop Magic you have to open it. It should contain 4 pieces - a catch container, 2 blade sheets, and a plastic cover.

  3. Choose Your Blade
  4. Choose the blade sheet you would like to use. Once is for dicing and the other is for mincing. Place the blade sheet you want to use on top of the catch container.

  5. Place Vegetable
  6. Place the vegetable or food item you wish to chop on top of the blade in the center.

  7. Cover And Push
  8. The last step is to put the cover over the chop magic container. Make sure it is on straight. Then push down in a consistent and even motion until the cover is touching the blade sheet. At this point you will see the item being chopped is now in the catch container.


Chop magic's infomercial really shows you what this product can do. It shows that chop magic is easy to assemble and almost anyone can use it. The infomercial demonstrates that this chopping system can dice various food items including, meat, carrots, peppers, etc. You are shown that it is gentle enough to dice tomatoes without making them mushy and fall apart but yet it is strong enough to cut a raw sweet potato.

Save Time

Chop magic can cut just about anything in a matter of seconds. Imagine how much time this will save you. No more having to cut that onion in half, than into quarters and finally you starting dicing away. Complete all of these tasks in a matter of seconds. You can have all of your vegetables washed, cut and displayed before your neighbor is done mincing a single onion.

Save Money

Do not waste your time by going out and buying a brand new stainless steel knife set. This is a waste of money considering you will need a different type of knife every time you are cutting something different. Instead, chop magic that will answer all of your chopping needs. It will definitely save you money because it is the knife that cuts everything.

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