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Cleaning Tonic is an all natural kitchen cleaner. You can use this cleaning product to clean every surface in your kitchen whether it be the counter, stove, cooktop, oven, and so much more. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and toxins that make it hard to breathe while you are cleaning because this product is chemical free. It is tough on grease but gentle on everything else.


  1. Counters
  2. Use this product to clean and disinfect your kitchen counters and tables. It can even be used on marble and granite.

  3. Ovens And Cooktops
  4. This cleaner can also be used to clean out the inside of your oven or your glass cooktop.

  5. Pots And Pans
  6. Add a couple of drops of the concentrated formula to the water you are washing your dishes with. The formula will eat away at grease and build up so your pots and pans will look like new again.

  7. Microwave
  8. Use Cleaning Tonic to clean both the inside and the outside of your microwave along with other small kitchen appliances.


The Cleaning Tonic infomercial demonstrates just exactly how powerful this formula is. During the infomercial a blowtorch is used to burn gravy to the inside of an oven door. The burnt gravy is scraped at with a spatula but it does not come off the oven door at all. When it is sprayed with this product, it is easily wiped away only a few minutes later.


  • Safe Kitchen Surfaces
  • You have to be careful what type of cleaning products you use in your kitchen. Whatever you are spraying on your kitchen surfaces will come into contact with your food which could be dangerous to your health. When you use Cleaning Tonic you do not have to worry when your child or pet eats something directly off the counter or table because you know the cleaner does not have any harsh chemicals.

  • Chemical Free
  • This cleaner has an all natural formula that is chemical free without any harmful additives.

  • Non-toxic
  • Often times when you are using cleaners it is hard to breathe because of harmful toxins. This is something you never have to worry about when using this cleaner because it does not release any toxins.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, Cleaning Tonic really does work. The secret behind this cleaning product is its ability to break down grease and bacteria. This is made possible when the concentrated formula is mixed with water. When the two are mixed together, the cleaner actually causes the water to become wetter which forces grease and build up to dissolve. During the infomercial a glass is filled with water and oil is added to the glass. Water and oil do not mix so the oil immediately floated to the top of the glass and the water stayed on the bottom. Even when the two liquids were stirred together they would not mix. All of sudden a few drops of Cleaning Tonic were added to the mixture and the two liquids started to blend together. The reason was due to the fact that the cleaner paired with the water forced the oil to dissolve.

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