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Clever Grip is a convenient way to pin your phone to the dashboard without ruining your car’s interior or using bulky equipment. It clasps onto any car vent and has 360 degree maneuverability, allowing you to position your phone easily and seamlessly. This device is useful for those who use the phone’s gps or like to listen to music via their smart phones while driving. Additionally, it can be used as a safe way to make phone calls.


  • Fits Any Vent
  • You can place Clever Grip on any car vent and it will fit perfectly. This allows you to keep your phone close by while you are driving, without having to hold onto it or look away from the road. Clever Grip will hook onto even back seat car vents with ease.

  • Doubles As A Stand
  • When you are away from the car, you can use Clever Grip as a stand for your phone. Place it by your bedside right side up. Or, you can watch videos while in the kitchen cooking without worrying that your phone will fall over. It is gentle enough with its grip that it will not harm your phone, but sturdy enough to hold it in place – whether as a stand or when attached to a car vent.


  • Small And Lightweight
  • You can take Clever Grip with you anywhere you go, since it is a compact and lightweight tool. When you need it, simply attach it to your car vent or use it as a stand for your phone. Since it is small, it does not require much room in a purse or travel bag.

  • View Shift Available
  • Clever Grip allows you to move your phone around while it is attached to this tool. This means you can have it vertically or horizontally attached, and still be able to switch views instantly. You do not have to remove the Clever Grip in order to make this switch. A 360 degree pivoting head gives you the option to have your phone positioned in any way that is convenient for you.


  • Only One Color
  • This tool only comes in a standard grey and black color scheme. If you have a different color design in mind for your phone stand, this limiting color scheme might not be desirable for you.

  • Can Get Lost
  • Due to its small size, the Clever Grip may be prone to getting lost more easily than bulkier models. This is especially true if you plan on traveling with this tool or taking it out of the car.

How It Works

The spring loaded clamp holds your phone securely in the grasp of the Clever Grip. Once you have your phone in place, you can use this tool as a stand. Alternatively, you may clasp it onto your car vent while driving. This allows you to listen to music, use your gps or make phone calls with ease. If you need to turn the direction of your phone, simple maneuver your device until you reach the desired angle. Its sturdy grasp will ensure your phone stays put while you are driving for maximum safety.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Keep It In The Car
  2. To ensure you do not lose or forget your Clever Grip, keep it pinned to your car vent. This way, you can simply clasp your phone onto the grip and be ready to go in seconds.

  3. Entertain Passengers
  4. Use the back car vent to position your phone so that backseat passengers have a screen to watch while you are driving. This works well for children that cannot yet grip the phone themselves.

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