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Cloud pets provides a stuffed animal that can send and receive messages in order for loved ones and friends to stay in touch when apart. This product is currently only available online through their website, making it an exclusive offer. Free shipping is available if additional cloud pets are ordered.

How It Works

To illustrate how cloud pets works through an example, say that a father is going away for a week on a work trip. He buys a cloud pet in order to stay in touch with his children while he's away. After gifting the cloud pet, he downloads the free app for his smartphone. Using the app, he records a message for his children. That message is sent up into the cloud, and moments later the stuffed animal cloud pet receives that message from the cloud. The children play the message and hear their father's voice. If they want to, they can squeeze the bear's paw in order to send a message back. That message is also sent up to the cloud. For the father to be aware that he has received a return message, he either needs to have the app open or to have push notifications enabled. Then, he will be able to hear his children's response.


  • Physical Product
  • Provides children with something tangible while you're away.

  • Staying In Touch
  • This method of staying in touch doesn't rely on children using phones or other technologies. All they need is the teddy bear. This method is also enhanced by including a physical stuffed animal, which tends to be a popular choice with children.

  • Unlimited Messaging
  • There is no limit to the number of messages that can be sent and received. Furthermore, cloud pets touts that you can send about 1,000 messages before a change of batteries is required.

  • Possibility For New Features
  • Cloud pets reports that their development team is working on new games and story features.


  • Compatability
  • The cloud pets app is only compatible with certain smartphones, so you'll want to make sure yours is on the list before you purchase.

  • Network Connection
  • To send and receive messages, you need to have access to either a cellular data network or have a wi-fi connection to the internet.

  • Washing
  • Due to the electronic components, cloud pets cannot be submerged in water. If your cloud pet needs to be cleaned, you are advised to use a damp towel.


The infomercial for cloud pets shows the process in action, which can be useful to see, including recording the message, sending the message, and receiving the message. Lastly, the video also illustrates how the children can record a return message.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many People Can Use It?
  • Cloud pets allows you to invite an unlimited number of people via a code. One those people have accepted the invite, they will all be capable of sending messages to the cloud pet.

  • How Long Can The Messages Be?
  • Messages can be as long as 10 seconds.

  • Can A Computer Be Used?
  • No. Cloud pets only works with the app and the app is only available for tablets and phones.

34 REVIEWS FOR Cloud Pets

Pretty Much a Great Toy by Reading Reviews

Reading Reviews | Fort Huachuca, AZ | 27 Dec 2015

I saw reviews on cloud pets and I didn't know if it was a great toy so when I checked there where allot good reviews so I will maybe buy one when I have a phone that's compatible with it : ).

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Chels | Belen, NM | 04 Nov 2015

This products I'm not impress with at all. My daughter is 3 and I hate her to have to have my phone while playing with the doll I don't even see the point of the doll I could of downloaded an app for her to play on my phone with. Nothing sends to the dolls like it states. Just makes no sense even the books it send to send a story it only plays on my phone has nothing to do with the doll.

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Ginny | Geneva, OH | 28 Aug 2015

The biggest problem with this is it only records 10 seconds at a time and children have a hard time judging time as it is and they could keep going and it is not recording it, I know after 10 seconds you could start another 10 and so on, children get inpatient and want to keep talking, not worth the aggravation.

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Chessguy15 Dec 2015

IT is not true. When a child record his / her voice message in the cloud pet, she/he has 20 seconds. For adults ( friends ), yes that is 10 seconds. My kids don't have the problem.

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Do Not Purchase!!!

Momoftheyear | Angleton, TX | 04 Aug 2015

This toy is sooo bad it raped me while I was sleeping! Will not recommend!

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Not just another toy

Junior | Irvine, CA | 17 Jul 2015

This is not just another toy. It's a toy that is also a messenger. Using it is very easy and the app never crashes. It's not just for kids. Even teens will like it.

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It's adorable!

Augusta Spencer | Orange Park, FL | 14 Jul 2015

My darling daughter loves this! The kitty is so cute, it''s just adorable. She brings it with her anywhere and she feels connected to me when I'm at work because she can talk to me through it..

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Do Not Buy

Emilee | Columbus, OH | 14 Jul 2015

My grandmother bought a cloudpet for my daughter so they could stay in touch after we moved across the state. She bought it for her birthday. Here is everything that went wrong. 1. She ordered a bunny - they told her a. They didn't receive the order b. They had no more bunnies c. She would need to pay an additional fee to get the cat on time 2. The app is not compatible with all phones 3. I called costumer service to see what I could do a. He told me they were sending the bunny and wouldn't allow me to cancel it b. He said I should have looked on the website to see if my device was compatible - I didn't buy it, how could I know? 4. He refused to return the shipping cost and additional fee do not waste your money on this piece of junk.

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I love it!

Trudy | Nevada, MO | 13 Jul 2015

My boyfriend gave me this and I absolutely love it! It's a sweet way to send each other messages. When he's not around, my cloud pet can keep me company as I listen to his voice messages.

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Love it!

Brooke | Tecumseh, OK | 13 Jul 2015

My husband just got deployed and we're so thankful we have this cloud pet. It's a unique way to keep in touch. My children love hearing from their dad and they can hug the cloud pet while listening to their dad's voice. Using it is easy and the app is user-friendly, too.

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Not impressed

Miranda Reynolds | Savannah, TN | 12 Jul 2015

It's quite expensive for a stuffed toy. You can buy better ones at a much lower cost. I get that it has a messaging function that you can use with an app but still, it's pricey in my opinion.

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Greywolf18 Jul 2015

Why would you want to buy "less expensive" stuffed animals? When I do, I find that quality is important because you get a more "hug able" stuffed animal. Remember that there is technology in this stuffed animal and it does more than just a stuffed animal. Teddy Ruxpin is much more expensive than these and these are the actual voice of a loved one.

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Kelbel 23 Aug 2015

Ahahahaha! Every part of this comment is funny! Pay more money do it's more "hug able". What a crock of crap. I have docks that are soft and cuddly! I believe there is a store that does this already, it's called build a bear.

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Malorie 29 Dec 2015

Really? Build a Bear does not do this. You get only one message over and over and over again. Definitely not the same. My daughter has both and loves them both for different reasons.

Clark 15 Sep 2015

I totally agree this.

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