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Comfort click is a belt made from genuine leather that promises to “fit every time, all the time”. It uses what the company calls a “Micro Precision Track System” instead of the standard holes of traditional leather belts to keep it into place. With this system, all you have to do is slide the belt in and it will click into place; giving you a pure and perfect comfortable fit all day long.

How It Works

If you are tired of the old belts with loops that are too tight or too loose, Comfort Click is the belt for you to end all these hassles for a perfect fit. The same mechanism allows you to remove the Comfort Click Belt with pure ease and also to adjust it without having to unbuckle the belt by simply sliding it in and out of place. This is a time saving feature. Also, the belt is made from genuine leather and comes complete with a “clean and sophisticated” Gun metal finish for its buckle design. This makes for a very long lasting belt that will not get worn out very quickly.

How it's Different from Competitors

The idea that Comfort Click is trying to sell you is not a revolutionary one. It has no unique features that can stand out from other ratcheting belts on the market today but it should be worth looking into because of its reasonable price ( if you factor the S&H costs ). You could end up saving some change. That said, the product website doesn't feature an attractive money back guarantee. This is particularly important should you find yourself unhappy with the results and want to invest in an alternative option. An alternative to Comfort Click is Mission Belt that is guaranteed to never crack. This could be a good alternative option to look into but it costs a little more than Comfort Click.


  • Micro-adjustable System
  • Traditional belts have holes every inch which can be a bit of a hassle to get them to fit at times. Comfort Click uses a micro-adjustable 32 position ratcheting track system that easily slides the belt in and out of place. This system clicks it into position when the desired track is reached and keeps it in place all day long for maximum comfort.

  • Easily Adjustable
  • It has a quick release lever that allows you to remove the belt and adjust it with ease when sitting or standing in no time at all.

  • Durable Stitching
  • The company claims that Comfort Click’s genuine leather won’t get worn and stretched out very quickly. It also claims that the durable stitching won’t start to come off leaving you with an embarrassing looking belt that you can’t wear out in public.

  • Sleek Gun Mental Buckle Finish
  • Comfort Click also features a steel and zinc alloy buckle that is tough and keeps the belt in place to last for a long period of time.


  • Can Be Worn For Any Occasion
  • The belt features a classic look that can work on any occasion, and can go with any outfit in your closet that requires a belt. From jeans to shorts, Comfort Click will give a clean and sophisticated look.

  • No Need To Make New Holes
  • If you happen to go up a size in your waist area, the belt, in that case, can be easily adjusted to fit you perfectly without having to make new holes. Making holes only weaken the integrity of the leather and cause it to look worn out. In the same way, if you go down waist a size, the belt can also be adjusted to fit without making new holes.

  • Fits Anyone
  • With Comfort Click, you won’t have to worry about stretching the belt if you are in between 28 to 48 inches in waist size. This also ensures that the belt will always be a guaranteed perfect fit if you are in between those ranges.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • If you not satisfied with the belt, you can, in that case, take advantage of the company’s return policy and get it returned for a full refund by using their 100% money back guarantee. However, the company claims that you won’t need to use it as you will love the belt from the moment you start wearing it.

Negative Points

  • Meant For Specific Waist Range
  • The fact that the belt only fits people with waists that are between 28 and 48 inches means that if you are below and over this range, the belt will won’t fit properly. This belt, in this case, will be uncomfortable to wear.

  • Non-marketable For Women
  • The classic design and colors ( black and brown ) of the belt make it too bland for women to wear. This means that the belt only has appeal to men.

  • Can Easily Become Useless
  • If the belts system or buckle breaks, there are no replacement parts available to fix it back. So, in the unfortunate instance that it breaks, what you will be left with is a useless belt that needs replacing.

  • Belt Might Not Last
  • Claiming that it has “genuine leather” is an ambiguous one because the website tells us absolutely nothing about the quality of the leather. Nor does it talk about the stitching and / or if it will hold on this material when worn for a long period of time.


By the look of things, it seems Comfort Click does actually work as advertised. The micro precision track system works like a charm; it slides the belt in and out of place with ease. Also, the belt is easily removable and can be adjusted with the lever. This belt goes with a great many outfits, and as a matter of fact, can quickly become an essential item to have for men of different waist sizes. Bottom Line- It is both useful and good looking.

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