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Compression socks work to revive tired feet and legs with the power of copper. They are comfortable, easy to put on and fit inside any shoe. This amazing product boasts breathable fabric to reduce painful stiffness. Furthermore, they provide all day comfort to leave customers feeling satisfied without annoying aches. It is great for people who need relief.


  • Fit In Any Shoes
  • One of the best aspects of Compression Socks is that they fit in any shoe. Whether you are wearing high-heals or sneakers, this revolutionary product will be able to provide you with the relief you have been looking for.

  • Massages & Soothes
  • While wearing Compression Socks, they will be massaging and soothing your feet. This will ensure that you remain relaxed and comfortable all day long.


  • Not Instant
  • Instead of noticing instant relief, it may take a while for people to notice a difference. People typically notice results from their Compression Socks between two weeks and a month of use.

  • Limited Sizes
  • The Compression Socks are available in limited sizes. There are two sizes available for both men and women. Due to this fact, many people may have a hard time finding a pair of Compression Socks that fit properly.


  • Odor Control
  • Foot odor is a problem that many people are forced to deal with. Compression Socks are able to control foot odor thanks to their breathable design. This leaves feet refreshed and free from bad smells. The socks are also anti-microbial which further prevents odors.

  • Copper Infused
  • The Compression Socks are infused with copper fibers. These copper fibers help to improve circulation and reduce painful swelling. They also help to relieve aches and pains for maximum comfort.


Compression Socks are essential products for people who are looking to revive tired feet and legs. These socks boast a breathable design and copper infused fibers. Thanks to these features, the socks are comfortable, reduce foot odor and help appease pain / aches. Furthermore, the Compression Socks fit inside of any shoe making them a wardrobe essential item.

How It Works

The secret to Compression Socks is the graduate compression design and the copper infused fibers. These particular features help improve circulation, reduce swelling and relieve pain. They are also anti-microbial, which makes them an all-natural way to eliminate embarrassingly smelly feet.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Compression Socks are different from other products on the market because of their revolutionary design. These miracle socks showcase the power of copper unlike any other product.


  • Ankle Genie
  • The Ankle Genie also boasts a compression design but they do not features copper fibers. This product is meant to provide people with relief from pain, inflammation and swelling strictly around the ankles.

  • Zensah Compression Support
  • The Zensah Compression Ankle Support is meant primarily for exercise rather than all day use. These products are similar because they both features a compression design that is meant to provide relief.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Apply Lotion
  2. A great way to enhance the results that your see from the Compression Socks is by applying lotion to your feet. This will make them more comfortable and will also provide essential moisture to your feet.

  3. Wash Feet
  4. Before putting on your Compression Socks, it may be a good idea to wash your feet. This will further prevent bacteria, fungi and odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are They Machine Washable?
  • Yes, the Compression Socks are machine washable.

  • Can They Be Worn With Heals?
  • Yes, the Compression Socks can be worn with any shoe.

  • How Long Do They Last?
  • If they are properly cared for, the Compression Socks can last you a lifetime.

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