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Copper Chef cook ware is a single non-stick pan which claims to function as six items in one. The pan is infused with 100% real copper, which helps it to conduct heat better, and a non-stick coating on top. It works as a roasting pan, a steamer, a baking dish, a stock pot, a wok, and a rice cooker.

Positive Aspects

  • Induction Plate
  • The cookware contains induction plate channels which heat up quickly so consumers don’t have to wait around all day for their pan to heat up.

  • Deep Sides
  • The Copper chef has deep sides and is heat resistant up to 850 degrees. This means it can not only go in the oven or on the stove, but fire can be applied directly to it for special baking scenarios like crème brulee.

  • Various Uses
  • The heat resistance of its design means consumers can use it on electric stove tops, gas stove tops, ceramic, or induction designs.

  • Easy Grip
  • There are riveted handles and a helper handle to easily grip and transfer the pot during cooking.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • This cookware is dishwasher safe so in addition to the non-stick clean up, it can be put directly into the dishwasher when consumers are done.

Negative Aspects

  • Reactive
  • The cookware is highly reactive which means that certain alkaline or acidic foods will absorb the taste of metal ( copper ) after they are cooked. So consumers will ingest some of the copper coating.

  • Needs Cleaning
  • Consumers have to thoroughly clean and dry it after each use, or it will wear down with time.

  • Not Healthier
  • The website claim that the non-stick surface allows for cooking with less butter and oil is misleading. It is presented as though cooking with this pan will somehow make your food healthier because of the aforementioned. However non-stick technology is never actually non-stick one hundred percent. This means that consumers still need to use some form of grease to prevent sticking. What’s more, the foods themselves are where the healthy or non-healthy aspects come into play. So less butter or oil will not make foods like fried chicken wings or eggs benedict healthier. Reducing the oil or butter used does not really make food healthier.

  • Bad Customer Service
  • The manufacturer is the same company that produces other home based cookware like the Fusion Juicer and Fusion Xcelerator. This company is a division of Tristar Products which is one of the largest as seen on television companies out there. They have produced many widely popular products, but consumers have complained that with this item the company offers poor customer service. Bearing that in mind, it does not have any bearing on the item or its performance, but rather, on the customer service you will get should you reach out to the company.


  • No Listed Amount Of Copper
  • It is important for consumer to note that the product is infused with copper, not made of copper. This is not the professional grade copper pots that chefs use. There is nothing on the website which explains how much copper is in it, or where the copper is distributed.


  • Other Copper Stuffs
  • There are many alternative copper non-stick pans and pots out there which cost significantly less than the Copper Chef items.

7 REVIEWS FOR Copper Chef

100 Percent Junk!

Debra Rowell | Clearlake, CA | 08 Apr 2019

I bought the 3 pc fry pan set through online shopping catalog. I am so disappointed! After a short time everything sticks to the pans. Even after soaking all night it almost impossible to scrub the black out of the bottom! I've been wanting to throw them away but first wanted to check on warranty. After reading all the Bad reviews and Bad Warranty reviews I can see I too have been tricked by that company!

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Copper Chef Microwave Grill

Mooney | Great Neck Plaza, NY | 27 Dec 2017

Purchased the microwave grill from qvc. Put the product into the microwave according to the directions and it blew up our microwave! Immediately contacted copper chef and after 5 months, they will share the cost of a new microwave instead of replacing it completely. Do not buy any copper chef products. You will left out in the cold with their customer service.

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Robert Rowland | Buena Park, CA | 08 Aug 2017

Everything on tv is a lie. My induction cracked. The black stuff on pan won't come out. Called to complain customer service said they would return sticker never came. Class action lawsuit needed.

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What a Rip Off!

Julie Gutic | Monroe, MI | 08 Jun 2017

Initially loved the non-stick nature of the pan but that didn't last long. Deep frying causes a permanent, unremovable goo that is very unsightly - inside and out. Then the paint started peeling off on the bottom. Called about the lifetime warranty and that's a total joke just like the cheap, crappy pan and accessories - pay to return the pan + pay $15 to have them ship me a new one in 2-4 weeks. . . Ridiculous! $30 to get a new pan that isn't worth the cost of the shipping is robbery, especially after paying $100 to get all the crap we received. My elderly mother gave us this pan for Christmas and has been ripped off which is infuriating. Definitely needs to be a class action suit against TriStar Products so they can't rip off unsuspecting customers anymore, to stop the infomercials, and to compel TriStar to stop selling the pans altogether while also refunding all customers the outrageous price for the pans!

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Non Stick is a Joke

A Pt Barnum Sucker | Santa Monica, CA | 20 Apr 2017

I purchased this at a Walmart store, and not online. First, I was very surprised reading the Owners Manual about first being forewarned NOT to use metal utensils in the pan. Before I even used it for the first time, I immediately purchased silicon tongs and a spatula to use with it. After watching the demos for the other non-stick brands vended by Curtis Stone, Todd English and Cathy, this was alarming to me, since they all say and demonstrate no problem using metal utensils with their pans ( Cathy even beats eggs in hers ). The first item I fried in the pan, I was pleased to see it slide around, as Eric Theiss demonstrated on his infomercials. But, by about the 5th time, I noticed what I was frying starting to stick. Finally by about the 10th usage, everything started to stick to it. Even worse, crust in the pan left after normal frying could not be washed off. I now had to let the pan soak overnight in water to remove the crust, often times needing a plastic scouring pad to 100% clean it. I did an internet search to see if others were experiencing the same as me and many were. Of real interest is this review web site. Watch the second video review of the pan (towards the bottom of the page), as it says it all (and not good): copper-chef-reviews If this pan was $10, I would not be annoyed but it was around $60 at my local Walmart. I am retired and $60 is a lot of money to pay for just a pan you expected to make your life easier. After watching the cherub faced Eric Theiss pitchman for this product, I would never consider purchasing his air fryer or pressure cooker or anything else from him ever again. The air fryer and pressure cooker non-stick coatings look exactly the same as the Copper Chef pan, so I am sure would have the same problem.

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Dontbe Asucker | Fountain Valley, CA | 15 Aug 2016

Don't buy garbage from commercials ( especially, "but wait, there's more! " types ) I'm not a customer, but, it's odd, gotham steel, copper chef, red copper. Whichever.

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Cynthia Parker08 Sep 2016

I just found out that the Orgreenics fail is the same product and company as Red Copper. They use the same 1(800 )280-5424 customer service telephone number. Why did I buy the whole set? Is there a class action Lawsuit? [email protected] Net.

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Customer Service

Cathy Allen | Middlesex, NJ | 19 Jul 2016

Copper Chef gives 3 ways to contact them but you can't reach anyone. The charged me the full amount instead of easy payments. I am NOT even looking forward to receiving the products. Y.

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