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Copper Hands are fingerless compression gloves that contain real copper infusions. These gloves aid with relieving pain, stiffness and swelling in the hands and wrists due to arthritis. They also help reduce symptoms in people who are suffering from repetitive strain injuries or other wrist and hand weaknesses. Besides 5 percent copper, the machine washable gloves are made with 90 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex.

How It Works

The beads within the Copper Hands gloves are infused with copper at certain focal points. The inclusion of copper leads to more effective massaging of the hands and wrists, relieving any pain, stiffness, inflammation, or swelling in the joints, tendons, and muscles. The gloves are even able to soothe cramps that arise within seniors’ hands due to walking with a cane. Furthermore, they improve circulation by putting constant pressure on the wrists and hands, leading to improved blood flow within them, which also leads to a reduction in the level of pain.

Positive Points

  • Keep Hands Dry
  • The Copper Hands gloves are made out of breathable fabric, so they will continuously keep your hands dry and sweat-free, even while you work outside during the hottest summer months.

  • Fingerless
  • While wearing the gloves, you can do all the activities that you normally perform with your hands, such as office, yard or kitchen tasks, due to the fingerless design.

  • Comfortable
  • Copper Hands gloves are very comfortable, as when you have them on, you won’t even be able to feel the material, only the constant compression.

  • Attractive
  • The gloves are basic black, so they look good with most items of clothing. Due to the fact that they aren’t thick and bulky, they appear sleek and streamlined.

  • Improve Grip
  • Wearing Copper Hands gloves will improve your grip on items such as water bottles and jars, so you will be able to open them more easily.

  • Can Be Worn In Bed
  • Since the only aspect of them you will feel is the compression, you can comfortably wear your Copper Hands gloves to bed. When you wake up after wearing them while you sleep, you will find that you have less pain, stiffness, and / or swelling than you normally experience in the mornings.

  • Easy To Clean
  • All you need to do to clean your Copper Hands gloves is run them through the washing machine. However, you should air-dry them instead of putting them in the dryer.

Negative Points

  • Geared To Seniors
  • While Copper Hands gloves can be worn by anyone experiencing wrist or hand issues, they are mainly marketed toward seniors and have been designed with their difficulties in mind. Therefore, young people may be reluctant to purchase and wear them.

  • Come In Only One Color
  • The basic black shade that the gloves come in is attractive and versatile. However, for users who get bored with the same look every day, being able to order them in more than one color might be beneficial. This might also be seen as a plus by those who want to match their gloves with their outfits exactly, such as wearing pink gloves with a pink shirt.

  • One Size Available
  • People’s hands come in all different sizes, and neither the Copper Hands website, nor the infomercial, mention that there are different sizes of gloves available. There is no choice of size on the order form, either. The gloves are stretchy, so one size should fit most, but there may be the occasional person who finds that the gloves absolutely won’t fit their hands.

How it's Different from Competitors

Some types of compression gloves are thick, bulky and ugly, so you look and feel unattractive while wearing them. Furthermore, a lot of the gloves aren’t fingerless, so while you wear them, you have to refrain from doing a lot of activities that require the use of your hands. When the aim of gloves like this is to improve the quality of your life, rendering your fingers useless actually accomplishes the opposite. Unlike Copper Hands, many pairs of compression gloves are missing copper as an ingredient, so you miss out on the general health and wellness benefits it has to offer. For instance, it acts as an anti-bacterial, odor-reducing agent.

11 REVIEWS FOR Copper Hands

Debbie | Ventnor City, NJ | 29 Apr 2020

Love these gloves so much. They feel great on and I use them a lot and I have not had any fraying. I’ve been lucky because they work for me and I truly have serious arthritis in hands and body. I have some deformity in 2 of my fingers and I like the Way they cover the ugly. I’m 55 but staying as healthy as I can so life is good!

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Ronald Washington | Albany, OR | 09 Jun 2019

They work very well for me! I sleep with them as a result of pain in AM when I awake. I highly recommend the copper fit gloves to anyone who suffers from any type of pain in hands!

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Not a Happy Customer

Bill | Erwin, TN | 20 Mar 2019

I have had the gloves for 1 week and the stitching has come apart on two separate occasion. One on the wrist area and one on the middle finger. The workmanship is not good on the stitching Please fix this problem or I will not by your product again.

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Trish | Decatur, AL | 06 Nov 2018

I have been expecting numbness and pain I’m both hand. So improved with my New cooper infused gloves! Thank I love them.

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Glove Love Not Meant to Last

Tasha Sims | Plymouth, IN | 05 Mar 2017

Have been using these gloves for over a yr now, I'm 26yrs old and can say these are my preferred gloves for my hand and finger swelling from work. I give 3stars due to the fact that though the gloves come in great condition, ive noticed that within a few days the stitching becomes frail and tears easily. Also when first put on, the wrist grip is still pretty poor and loosens quicker than what it does I'm the fingers. Back to the finger stitches, there are stings that fray off and get caught when I'm at work and have come close to me losing a finger when the string gets caught. Have had a few near misses. When it cokes to washing ive always stuck them in the washer and air dried them but am noticing that the washer adds to the fraying stings that make the stitching loose. So have switched to hand washing and drying to try and reduce fraying and fast wear and tear but am also looking for advice on how to keep the pairs I do have, in good condition. Usually I buy two pairs a month depending on the glove quality in the stitching. When their in poor quality I have to buy double that just to keep going at home and work.

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William E Farver20 Mar 2019

I have had the same stitching problem

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Mary12 Apr 2020

Same goes for me; I’ve had the stitches come apart. Other then that, they’ve helped a lot!

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They Work for me !

Debbie | Havelock, NC | 29 Jan 2017

I love these copper fit gloves! I have arthritis in my hands and tendonitis in my elbow and using the gloves actually has helped both hand and elbow on the right side and helped the hand and wrist on the left side I just bought a second pair so I can switch between washes. They really were not sewn well down towards the fingers and have lots of loner threads hanging BUT they do work for me so I hope they work on better stitching and finishing of the gloves. I DO recommend them. They gloves actually give my elbow relief.

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William E Farver20 Mar 2019

Stitching is a problem. They need to fix it.

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Cindy Clifford | Leesburg, VA | 25 Dec 2016

I am on my 2 and pair. These gloves relieve the pain my hands and its wonderful! My only complaint is both pairs had to have seams resewn when new. I will have to repair them throughout the year. The company needs better quality control to ensure they are well sewn in the first place.

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William E Farver20 Mar 2019

Stitching is a real problem

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Jj | Kodiak, AK | 03 Apr 2016

The gloves definitely work however the quality is extremely poor. After three days, the left hand glove came apart at the side seam from the wrist to the thumb.

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William E Farver20 Mar 2019

Agree - the stitching is not good

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Multiple Sizes

Suzette | Texarkana, TX | 13 Oct 2015

Good review. Just purchased my pair from Walgreens for $10.00. The do come in two different sizes, s / m & l/xl.

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Love Them

Roberta Brown | Fultondale, AL | 12 Jan 2015

I am so glad I found these. I have Lupus and my joints hurt so bad, these gloves have been a life saver the last week in a half!

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