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Copper Wear Tape is fabric with copper-infused adhesive backing that you can wear on your ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists, feet or virtually anywhere else on your body while you participate in athletic activities. It'll help support your body as you move, and assist you with recovery from muscle soreness and stiffness. It's ideal for use during high-intensity activities, like aerobics or running, and lower-intensity pursuits, like yoga or golf.

How It Works

The adhesive backing on each piece of Copper Wear Tape is infused with copper, an element that provides benefits to all living things. Each piece of tape will also provide compression and support as you participate in the activities of your choice, so you'll feel more comfortable while doing so. Plus, every piece is made of flexible fabric that will move with you, and contains sweat-releasing channels that will vent moisture so you stay as dry as possible.


  • Two Shades Available
  • You can get Copper Wear Tape in two different shades, black and nude, The nude shade will come in handy at times when you don't want anyone to immediately notice that you're wearing the tape.

  • Up To 80 Pieces Per Roll
  • Within each roll of Copper Wear Tape, you'll get up to 80 pieces of tape that you can affix to the parts of your body that need support.

  • One Size Fits All
  • Each piece of pre-cut Copper Wear Tape from any roll is suitable for anyone, regardless of height, weight, or shape. Therefore, you won't need to worry about measuring yourself and comparing your measurements against a size chart.

  • Flexible Fabric
  • The fabric used to make Copper Wear Tape is flexible, so even if you contort yourself into a variety of positions during an athletic activity, the tape will move with you without tearing.

  • Waterproof
  • This tape won't lose its stickiness and fall off in water, so you can feel free to wear it while you're swimming or participating in another activity that may involve you getting wet. Due to the tape's stay-dry channels, it's unlikely that you'll get excessively sweaty, but if you do sweat, your sweat won't cause it to fall off, either.

Positive Points

  • For Men And Women
  • Copper Wear Tape has not been designed for use by either gender in particular. If used correctly, it should be effective for both male and female individuals.

  • Works Immediately
  • As soon as you stick this tape's backing to a certain part of your body, you'll immediately begin experiencing the benefits of copper and compression.

  • Versatile
  • Copper Wear Tape is versatile, as it has not been designed for use on any particular area of the body, such as the legs. Instead, it can be used anywhere you're experiencing soreness or stiffness, or would appreciate some extra support. Furthermore, there's nothing wrong with wearing multiple pieces in different places simultaneously.

  • Can Withstand Impact
  • Even if the sport or activity you're participating in involves a bit of roughness, and / or the body part you're wearing your tape on is frequently impacted, Copper Wear Tape is likely to stay put throughout.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Can Customize
  2. Although each piece of Copper Wear Tape comes pre-cut, you can also cut a piece down so it's smaller, if necessary.

  3. Double Up
  4. To optimize the level of support you receive in a particular area, stick one strip across the area vertically and another horizontally.

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