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Crepe Erase product is used and advocated by Jane Seymour for smoothing, firming, in addition to lifting the dry or aged skin. The name is derived from the type of skin it targets—that which has thinned and sagged to the point of feeling like crepe paper. It is specifically designed to help target the key areas of the body where sagging and winkled skin hits aging consumers the hardest including the neck, knees, cleavage, face, legs, and arms.


According to the infomercial, Crepe Erase is designed to utilize three plant extracts in such a way that they naturally lift skin back to where it was before aging.

Two of the three extracts remove harmful toxins while the third increases natural elastin production. Increasing elastin production helps to recuperate elastin losses during the natural aging process. It is with this two-step process that aged skin is smoothed, firmed, and lifted.

The website claims that these items have been tested by dermatologists and that their studies show almost 100% satisfaction with results, firmer skin, in addition to healthier skin. This company claims that with just one use the applications start working and they give users a chance to feel happy in their natural skin.

Positive Points

  • All Natural
  • It is all natural, with plant extracts not chemical extracts. This means that it is a safer product to use on the skin compared to other anti-aging products.

  • All Skin Types
  • The site claims that any skin type and color can benefit from its use, which makes it the ideal solution for all consumers.

  • Warranties
  • They guarantee their items with a 60 day warranty, such that any dissatisfied users can return even empty bottles for a full refund.

Negative Points

  • No Guaranteed Timetable
  • The results will take different time to show for different cases. While almost all customer reviews are positive, the results cannot be ensured by a specific time. The reason for this is quite scientific, such that the average skin quality which takes only 8 weeks to show results is not what everyone has. Some people have better skin which means it takes just a few days to show results. Others have worse skin which means it might take months to see results.

  • Refund Issues
  • Due to the flexibility in a timetable for results, some customers might not see the results within the designated warranty time frame. So they might either miss out on their chance for a refund, or they might return the items before they have been used properly.

  • Price
  • The products are a bit expensive compared to other anti-aging options on the market.

  • No Ingredients
  • They don’t actually list any of the ingredients in their products on the website.


  • You Will Need A Lot
  • This is not a permanent solution. It will not permanently fix the effects of aging. So while it seems like a great purchase, the product clearly states that it only lasts for one day. An application of the Crepe Erase will only last one day, therefore consumers will need to use it each day. This can add up over the long term, especially for those who are applying it to the whole body.

    Knowing this, the company offers memberships so that regular orders can be shipped to the homes of consumers. The one upside to these two membership plans is that consumers get regular free gifts in each of their home deliveries which makes it slightly worth the cost.

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