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The Crimpwich is a revolutionary new sandwich tool that conveniently removes the crust from bread to create stuffed sandwich creations. This handy tool cuts, crimps, and then seals sandwiches which can be fried, grilled, toasted, boiled, or baked to you unique liking.


  • 2 Sizes
  • The tool comes in two sizes: large and extra large. This means that each sandwich creation you come up with can be customized to whichever size you feel is best.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • The sandwich tool can be put into the dishwasher for easy cleaning and sanitation after each use. It can also be washed after the tool has gotten dirty due to other reasons or hasn't been used in a long time and needs a quick clean before being used.

  • Easy To Store
  • Crimpwich devices are small and can be stored in nearly any tight space within the cupboard or pantry. More than one device can be stored in the same location due to their compact size and ability to stack on top of one another.

  • Includes Cutting Board
  • Included in the box with your item is a unique cutting board that is made of durable plastic. The cutting board is ideal for use under your sandwich tool to protect your counter top or work space.

  • Includes Recipe Book
  • Also included with the tool is a recipe book. The book suggests a variety of ideas to try with your device. Ideas range from mini fried pies to breakfast pockets, and include everything in between.

  • Versatile
  • This gadget can be used to create everything from personal desserts to dinner dishes for the whole family. It can be used to create nearly any crustless bread snack that you can think of.

  • Durable
  • This fun item is made of high quality plastic that can withstand being dropped, stepped on, washed in hot water, and used as a soccer ball.

Save Time

This sandwich making device can save you time in the morning or at dinner time. It allows you to make fantastic stuffed sandwiches ahead of time and freeze or store them away for later use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do The Sandwiches Hold?
  • Yes! The Crimpwich creates sandwiches that are sealed firmly and won't break apart after the device is removed. The crimped edge that the device gives its creation makes sure of this.

  • Is The Device Messy?
  • Not at all! The Crimpwich holds in the messy ingredients that you stuff it with and prevents the sandwiches from leaking. When you are eating one of your home made treats, your hands are guaranteed to stay mess free.

  • Can Children Use It?
  • As a rule of thumb, yes; children can use this tool. Young children should be supervised by an adult, however, and taught about the consequences of using the device improperly.

Save Money

The tool minimizes the frequency in which you have to buy store stuffed food products such as ravioli and pizza pockets. Instead of buying the store made versions, you can make them at home and impress your friends and family with your creative snacks.

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