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Dental Bright is a hand-held tool that will polish your teeth, removing stains and making them shiny and white in just minutes per day. After you use it, your teeth will feel like they've just had a cleaning and polishing at the dentist's office. The tool can remove a variety of stains, yellow or otherwise, whether they've been on your teeth for weeks or even years.

How It Works

After you turn on the tool and insert it in your mouth, its motorized cups will gently remove stains off your teeth, while polishing them at the same time. The cups move in a similar way to a dentist's rotating polishing tool, ensuring that you'll end up with similar results to those you'd get from a professional cleaning.


  1. Caffeine Stains
  2. If you drink coffee and tea on a daily basis, you may find that stains build up on your teeth over time, eventually yellowing them. Fortunately, you don't have to give up your favorite morning beverages in order to have whiter teeth, as Dental Bright will remove new or old caffeine stains.

  3. Wine Stains
  4. When you spend a night in or out drinking wine, you may not brush your teeth very well afterward, which means you may wake up with wine stains on them. Dental Bright will make short work of these, no matter their shade, so you can move on with the rest of your day without being self-conscious.

  5. Tobacco Stains
  6. If you're currently a smoker, or even if you were in the past, there may be a buildup of tobacco stains on your teeth. Luckily, your Dental Bright device will be able to remove these on a regular basis, too, even if you continue to smoke.


  • Brushing
  • While you should still continue to brush your teeth, even when using Dental Bright regularly, brushing is not a completely viable alternative to the tool. This is due to the fact that no matter how often you brush, a toothbrush won't remove all the stains that Dental Bright can.

  • Dental Strips
  • Dental strips can get expensive if you use them on a daily or even weekly basis, and they are often hard on sensitive teeth. On the other hand, Dental Bright will not irritate sensitive teeth.

  • Laser Whitening Treatments
  • Laser whitening treatments are expensive, too; plus, they are time-consuming, and you may need to take a day off of work or school in order to receive them. Using Dental Bright is much quicker and easier.

Positive Points

  • Has Hyper Light
  • Each Dental Bright tool has a hyper light, which is a small light that will enable you to see the stains on your teeth more clearly when it's turned on. With this, you'll know exactly where to aim with your tool.

  • Makes You Look Younger
  • People tend to associate shiny, white, unstained teeth with youthfulness, so if you achieve this look with Dental Bright, you'll likely be perceived as younger than you really are.

  • Increases Attractiveness
  • When you have nice white teeth, most people will automatically consider you more attractive, and you'll make a better first impression when meeting strangers. This will help you out both personally and professionally, as people whom others look favorably upon usually receive more opportunities.

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