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Dermatend is a topical ointment that removes unsightly moles and skin tags without the necessity of any surgical or other invasive procedures. Furthermore, dermatend is made with all natural ingredients, is easy to apply, and works quickly but gently to restore an unblemished complexion. This product will not leave unsightly scars that can sometimes occur when moles and skin tags are cut from the skin, but will instead leave skin smooth and clear.


  • It Works
  • Anyone who has suffered from moles or skin tags knows that many products that are marketed to remove these blemishes do nothing. Dermatend actually works, and works quickly, so there is no more waiting for results that never arrive.

  • It's Safe
  • You won't find a lot of indecipherable and hard to pronounce ingredients on the label of dermatend. On the contrary, dermatend uses only the highest-quality all natural ingredients, like butter of zinc, distilled water, vegetable glycerin and blood root. It is this latter ingredient that works to erase moles and skin tags, and to leave the skin blemish free.


  • It Can Sting A Little
  • Though dermatend contains the natural product, blood root, which is acidic - some users will feel a mild burn from the acid contained in the blood root. While allergic reactions are rare, it is a good idea to try dermatend on a patch of skin before applying it to all areas affected by moles or skin tags.

  • Temporarily Discolor The Skin
  • One of the active ingredients in dermatend is naturally acidic. Therefore, when the product is applied to skin that is already discolored by moles or affected by skin tags, it can slightly lighten or darken that area. Test a small patch of skin before using a full treatment to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.


  • All Natural Ingredients
  • It seems that many times products with all natural ingredients simply do not work as effectively as their synthetic chemical counterparts. Dermatend is different in this regard in that its proprietary and all natural composition work effectively. The user does not need to worry about chemical burns or reactions as the result of man-made or artificial ingredients.

  • Simple Procedure
  • Just apply the ointment and watch the pesky and embarrassing skin tags or moles disappear. There is no knife, no doctor and none of the high costs associated with dermatological or other surgery. Simply open it and apply.


Many dermatend users have actually photographed themselves both before they used dermatend in order to assess the effectiveness of the product on their own skin. These photographs, along with the actual dermatend users, can be viewed in the infomercial created by dermatend. In addition, consumers can view a more detailed description of the ingredients, the science behind dermatend, and a variety of other information about the product.

How It Works

With its proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, dermatend penetrates the skin and removes the offending blemish at its root. This penetration signals the immune system to send healing white blood cells to the site. Once the blemish is virtually invisible, a quick application of healing balm will ensure that the result is clear and blemish-free skin.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other products that claim to be similar, dermatend works, and gently so. There are no surgical procedures required, and dermatend is simple to safely apply to all affected areas.


  • Surgical Removal
  • Dermatologists can remove unsightly moles and blemishes. However, this alternative is much more costly and generally leaves a visible scar where the surgery was performed.

  • Tag Away
  • Tag away claims to work within six weeks.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use The Healing Balm
  2. It will help to reduce even the possibility of scarring, discoloration, or infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does It Hurt?
  • No, dermatend does not hurt. Some people do report that they feel a tingling or burning sensation shortly after dermatend is applied. However, that effect is not only normal but it is also a sign that the ingredients are already working to remove your mole or skin tag.

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