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Doctor's Ear Wax Cleaner is a hand held ear canal cleaner that is safe and gentle, perfect for kids, babies, and adults. Using this device, you can safely and effectively clean out the ears without causing damage. Moreover, there is a built in light that allows better viewing when using it on someone else.


  • Built In Lights
  • You get built in ear canal lights to help you better see as you are cleaning.

  • Approved For Kids
  • The device is certified by pediatricians, having been developed at Nicklaus Children's Hospital. There are three different sizes included. First, you get the ear tip meant for new babies, zero to six months old. After that there is a slightly larger tip designed for children six months to six years old. Adults and children six and older can enjoy the third size. All profits made from these units go back to the hospital to help benefit their charity mission.

How It Works

Doctor's Ear Wax Cleaner has a slow spinning silicone tip which, when inserted into your ear canal, will safely remove ear wax. The ear canal lights make it easy to see what you are doing when you are using it on someone else like your children, so that it is safer and pain free. Disk ear guard technology protects users against ear canal damage by not letting it go any deeper into the canal than is necessary. You can use it and go deeper, but once you hit the flat disk, you cannot push it further.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are competing ear cleaning products today most of which have different shapes and designs to the tips. Many of them are simply hand held hard plastic which is soft enough not to scrap the inside of the ear canal. You are responsible for turning them in a circular fashion to really get all of the ear wax out. With this unit, however, you press a button and it turns for you. Stick it in your ear, turn it on, and watch as the tip circles around your ear canal to clean each part perfectly, while your hand is held still.

Save Time

This unit saves you time in so far as it alleviates the amount of time you spend cleaning your ears. Most people use cotton swabs and sticks to try and clean their ears, but given how ill effective that can be, they spend a lot of time doing it. With this, however, it does not take very long at all and you do not have to clean as often.

Save Money

Buying this once saves you the cost of buying other cleaning products regularly. More importantly, it also saves you the cost of going to your doctor to get your ears cleaned professionally.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put On Tip
  2. Select the tip that works best for your age.

  3. Turn On
  4. Turn it on by pressing the button and watch as the light turns on and the tip spins.

  5. Wash
  6. Wash the tips to ensure the removed ear wax is disposed of before moving on to another ear. You can choose many methods for cleaning, such as soap and water, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or anything else you deem appropriate. Clean each tip after use.

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