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Dream Waves is a night light that instantly transforms your bedroom into an under water adventure. With the press of a button this system projects lights on your child's walls and ceiling that look like waves - you will be brought under the sea. These are not your typical night lights because they are also stuffed animals. That's right, your child can choose between nine different characters so there is one for everyone to enjoy.


  • Automatic Shut Off
  • One of the great benefits of Dream Waves is the automatic feature. This is a built in timer which causes Dream Waves to automatically shut off after 20 minutes. It is ideal for bedtime because it will shut off once your child is asleep.

  • Light Options
  • Your child can choose from four different color options. Waves can be projected as a solid amber, green or blue. The final option is to have the three colors rotate every four seconds.

  • Led Light
  • The LED light is long lasting so you do not have to worry about it burning out. Even better is that the LED light never gets hot to the touch. You do not have to worry about your child getting burnt.

  • Pet
  • You can use Dream Waves as a night light where you open it flat and lay it wherever you want. The fun does not stop there. Fold Dream Waves into a pet so you can let your imagination run free.


  • Fear Of The Dark
  • Dream Waves makes going to bed easy and fun. Children never have to worry about being afraid of the dark because Dream Waves provide just enough light to get them through the night.

  • Calming
  • The pattern of waves that is projected on the walls is calming and helps relax your child. Dream Waves might make them fall asleep more quickly.

  • Characters
  • The nine different stuffed animals make Dream Waves perfect for boys and girls of all ages.

  • Battery Operated
  • Dream Waves is battery operated. This is perfect because it can be used anywhere. Lay it on your bed or in the tent. You never have to worry about finding an outlet or tangled wires.

Easy to Use

  1. Choose Your Character
  2. The first step is to choose the character you want and place your Dream Waves order.

  3. Batteries
  4. Insert 3 AA batteries.

  5. Open Flat
  6. Open your Dream Waves flat and lay it on whatever surface you want.

  7. Turn It On
  8. Press the power button and choose the color option you want to use.

  9. Enjoy
  10. Lay back and let your imagination run free as you are brought under the sea.

  11. Fold It
  12. When you are finished with Dream Waves you can leave it flat like a night light or fold it up into a stuffed animal - it is up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Batteries Included?
  • No, batteries are not include with Dream Waves. Every Dream Waves needs 3 AA batteries.

  • How Big Are They?
  • Dream Waves are 12'' in size. This measurement might vary slightly depending on what character you purchase.

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