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Dump cakes is a recipe book full of dump recipes that do not require measuring. Essentially, you can just dump packages of food and cook them together to make new dishes.


  • Variety
  • Dump cakes contains recipes for various kinds of desserts, not all of which require a cake mix. The infomercial suggests that there is a recipe for sticky buns that uses canned biscuits.

  • Companion Book
  • This offer for dump cakes comes with a companion book titled dump dinners. Dump dinners is the savory counterpart to dump cakes, and is full of recipes that make cooking dinner much easier. Rather than having to measure and prepare, you can just take the specified dinner foods and dump them all together for delicious culinary creations.

  • Orgreenic Pan
  • This dump cakes offer also comes with a non-stick pan for a separate fee. The fry pan is demonstrated in the infomercial, and the non-stick ceramic coating is impressive. They remove burnt caramel and cheese just by wiping with a cloth. It is advertised as being the perfect skillet for some of the dump cakes skillet recipes.


  • Foolproof Recipes
  • Recipes in the dump cakes cookbook require very little preparation, and little to no measuring. The tagline for dump cakes is dump and bake, and rightly so. All of the recipes featured in the infomercial suggest that with a few simple ingredients and a box of cake mix, you can make gourmet desserts.

  • Easy Cleanup
  • Dump cakes is all about simplifying the dessert making process. Many of the desserts featured indicated very few dishes required for preparation, as the entire dish tends to be assembled in the baking dish. This translates to less dishes used in making desserts, and less dishes to clean.

Save Time

One of the major goals of dump cakes recipes is to the time and hassle that goes into making delicious desserts. Dump cakes allows you to just dump in a cake mix, or layer in biscuits, bake, and enjoy. The infomercial does advertise some recipes requiring foodstuffs like sliced fruit. Small amounts of preparation are a possibility, but compared to scratch making dessert, this book will certainly save time.

Save Money

Knowing how to create your own masterpiece desserts will always be more cost effective than going out and buying the dessert already made. Dump cakes takes away the difficult process of having to portion out a complicated recipe, and also uses foods that many people have on hand. If you have a cake mix, you can make sweets in the comfort of your home without having to go out to buy them, or deal with difficult baking.

Easy to Use

  1. Dump And Bake
  2. A suiting tagline for Dump Cakes is repeated on the website "Just dump and bake". Dump cakes is a cookbook, that above all else is designed to make creating desserts at home as foolproof and delicious as possible. The infomercial suggests that there is no measuring, limited mess, and the process is really as easy as dump in the ingredients and bake for a fantastic looking dessert.

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