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Duo Hair Remover is a fast, easy and painless hair removal system. The dual tip technology removes hair from larger areas. It’s lightweight and portable and provides a frequency that prevents the hair from growing back. This product works great on the bikini line, eyebrows and legs. Furthermore, the duo applies a frequency that travels down to the root - so it will never grow back.


  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Duo Hair Remover uses a frequency that penetrates the roots offering fast and painless hair removal with no waxing or razor burn.

  • Prevents Hair From Returning
  • Duo uses a powerful frequency that removes the hair permanently from the root. This works on your bikini line, eyebrows and legs.


  • Small Tip
  • The small tip can only get small areas of hair at a time. In order to get larger amounts, you will need to work on small patches at a time.

  • Not Sold In Stores
  • The Duo Hair Remover is not sold in stores, so it can only be purchased online. This limits the options of where you can purchase this product.


  • Buy One Get One Free
  • When purchasing the Duo Hair Remover, you will get one for free. All you have to do is pay separate shipping and handling for the second set.

  • Lightweight And Portable
  • The Duo Hair Remover is so lightweight and portable that it fits in a tiny case for transportation. Each Duo Hair Remover comes with this tiny case to help you store and transport your duo with you when not at home.

How It Works

By using the tip of the hair remover that transmits frequency pulses into the root of the hair, it helps to permanently remove the hair.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most hair remover tools use light technology to remove hair permanently, but the duo uses a frequency pulse that removes the hair permanently. With duo, you get permanent hair removal without any chemicals, lights, or pain.


  • No! Hair Remover
  • No! Hair remover uses a heat pulse to stimulate the removal of hair permanently. It is safe for use on face and body - but not on sensitive areas. Additionally, it has an lcd display and there no batteries are needed. This product comes with 2 wide tips, 2 small tips and 2 buffers.

  • Me Smooth Hair Remover
  • This product uses electro-optical synergy to quickly and gently disable the hair follicle so that it falls out and doesn’t return. Me smooth works with all skin types and hair types to permanently remove hair.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Remove Hair In Patches
  2. When removing hair with this product, work in patches so that you can keep track of where you started or finished. This way, you can effectively remove all the hair without leaving behind clumps of hair.

  3. Keep Your Tools Clean
  4. Make sure you keep your tools clean. Dirty tools that are applied to the skin can cause infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will It Remove Facial Hair?
  • Yes, the duo will remove facial hair in small sections such as mustache and side burns. Peach fuzz can also be removed with this product.

  • Can You It On Your Legs?
  • Yes, just switch to the appropriate tip and use it on your legs for a smooth finish.

  • Is There A Guarantee?
  • There is 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, send it back for a refund.

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