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Dutch glow is the latest formula that brings wood back to life by cleaning, polishing and nourishing. Transform your old pieces of wood furniture with a new-looking shine without using any expensive formulas. This wood furniture polish that makes use of a 100 year old Amish milk concoction.


  • No Abrasives Used
  • Unlike the common alternatives that usually require sandpapering the surface of your delicate furniture, Dutch Glow saves you the hassle. With the formula, your furniture will be good as new and without a scratch.

  • Convenient To Use
  • Dutch Glow comes with a handy spray bottle that lets you use the exact amount and spray on the exact spot you need. This makes it last longer while avoiding waste.


  • Doesn’t Repair Scratches
  • If your piece of furniture already has undergone some abrasive cleaning, Dutch Glow won’t be able to remove these scratches. The result will still be shiny but scratches will be visible.

  • Only Cleans Wood
  • Dutch Glow is not an all-surface cleaner that can be used anywhere in your home. This means you will need to get a different cleaner for other surfaces aside from wood.


  • Formula Bottle And Cloth
  • Purchase of the product includes a 12oz bottle of the formula along with a spray bottle and a microfiber polishing cloth.


Dutch Glow is the solution to all those years of wax buildup that cause furniture to dull and age. Reveal the natural glow of your favorite pieces of furniture with a single application of the formula. Crayon marks, fingerprints and other surface blemishes can be magically removed with a single swipe.

How It Works

The main ingredient used is called Amish Wood Milk and is known to be able to break down thick wax caused by years of neglect. This formula doesn’t contain any wax, unlike other popular polishes, which ensures that your newly polished surface is natural looking and wax free. The product is effective for use on oak, cherry, pine, teak and other woods.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other wood polishing products that cater to specific kind of wood, Dutch Glow is effective for a variety of wood. Since it doesn’t contain any wax, you lower the wax build-up that is the common cause for a loss of luster on furniture. Wax and residue attract dust but - with Dutch Glow - you get rid of all those layers of dirt to reveal the natural shine.


  • Howards Feed-n-wax Wood Polish
  • This specializes in oak furniture and contains wax.

  • Home Renew Wood Finish
  • This product cannot remove spots and stains.

  • Howard Rf 3016 Restor-a-finish
  • This is only used for golden brown shades of oak.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Spray And Wipe
  2. Spray on surface, leave for a few seconds and then use the microfiber cloth to wipe clean.

  3. Avoid Other Products
  4. Avoid using any other polishing products after Dutch Glow as this defeats its purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How About Painted Wood?
  • Yes, this product can be used on painted wood. From doors to tables and cabinets that are painted, it has the same result.

  • Can It Remove Old Scratches?
  • No. Any previous abrasions on your furniture will remain but will be a lot less visible.

  • Any Long-term Benefits?
  • Without wax in the ingredients, you will experience cleaner surfaces that attract less dirt.

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