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Dyson 360 Eye Robot is a robotic vacuum cleaner with a 360 degree camera. This allows the robot to know exactly where it is in a room at all times. It can see where it is going, what it has cleaned and what is still left over to be picked up. Featuring a digital motor the Dyson 360 Eye Robot cleans like no other vacuum because of its superior suction. By using a combination of math, geometry, trigonometry and probability theory it creates a map of the room. This map tells the robot exactly where it needs to go. All you have to do is it put it on the floor and turn it on - it is that easy.


  • Cleaner Air
  • Dyson 360 produces cleaner air emissions. This is made possible by the cyclone gaskets which work to create high pressure differentials. Not only does this produce cleaner air, it also results in better air filtration.

  • Small And Discrete
  • The small design is perfect for around your home. Although the product is powerful, it is not heavy. This makes it easy to be moved and picked up.

  • Tracks Instead Of Wheels
  • Traditional robotic vacuum cleaners have wheels which allow them to move throughout your home. The problem with wheels is that they have little traction. Instead of wheels, Dyson 360 has tank tracks. They offer more traction, non-slip grip and can manoeuvre securely across any type of flooring.

  • Strong Bristles
  • The bristles of this vacuum are extremely durable. They have been tested to last for over 500 cleaning hours without becoming damaged. This means that they can touch your floor 4.35 million times before ever losing their cleaning effectiveness.

  • App
  • Dyson 360 Eye Robot lets you track your cleaning even when you are not at home. With a free app that can be downloaded with IOS and Android platforms you can control, view and schedule your Dyson 360's cleanings from your phone.


  • Cyclones
  • There are 8 cleaning cyclones which work to pick up both small and large debris. These cyclones are so powerful they pick up the smallest of particles including: mold, dust and pollen.

  • Digital Motor
  • A digital motor makes this vacuum extremely powerful. It rotates 78,000 per minute thanks to digital pulse technology.

  • Clear Bin
  • The Dyson 360 Eye Robot features a clear bin. This allows you to see exactly what debris is being collected from the floors around your home. Since it is clear you can also see when it is getting full so you will never forget to empty it.

  • Full Length Brush
  • A traditional full size vacuum cleaner typically has a brush that covers the entire width of the device. That is not the case with most robot vacuums - until now that is. Instead of having side brushes like other robotic vacuums the Dyson 360 has a full length brush that covers the width of the machine. This allows the machine to cover more floor in less amount of time.

  • Bristles And Filaments
  • Nylon bristles work to remove tough dirt and buildup from your carpets. These bristles are paired with carbon fiber filaments that have anti static properties and are able to pick up dust and fine particles from hard floors. The bristles and filaments work in combination to clean all types of flooring.

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