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Easy Eggwich is a microwaveable egg cooker that will cook perfect-looking fried, scrambled, and poached eggs for you to use on breakfast sandwiches and in other meals. One of the best parts about using this product is that it only takes one minute to cook a moist, fluffy egg. By using it, you will create tasty eats that are far less greasy than what you’d get at fast food places.

How It Works

The secret to the success of the Easy Eggwich is the fact that it is designed for effective steam circulation. Once the lid is on and you’ve started up the microwave, heat begins to circulate through the dish, trapping moisture and consequently cooking your egg to fluffy, round, moist perfection.


  1. Breakfast Sandwiches
  2. Plop a fried egg on an English muffin, bagel, or croissant along with ham, sausage, or bacon to make a delicious breakfast sandwich. You can also place these ingredients between two pieces of toast, two waffles, or two flatbreads ( a healthy choice ), and adding cheese is optional. If you choose, you can scramble an egg in the Easy Eggwich before cooking it, instead of cooking a fried egg.

  3. Eggs And Hash Browns
  4. Scramble eggs over a serving of hash browns in your Easy Eggwich dish, and cook both the ingredients together. After one minute, you'll end up with an egg and hash brown patty.

  5. Omelettes
  6. Combine an egg with vegetables in your Easy Eggwich and then cook, in order to create a yummy vegetable omelette.

  7. Egg Benedict
  8. The Easy Eggwich will also make poached eggs, so you can even make classy eggs benedict in your microwave.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Eggs
  2. Crack one or more eggs into the Easy Eggwich dish, making sure no shells go in.

  3. Add Fixings
  4. Add any extra ingredients, such as hash browns or green vegetables.

  5. Whisk
  6. Whisk the egg and the extra ingredients in order to prepare them for cooking.

  7. Cook
  8. After putting the lid on the Easy Eggwich, cook your egg or eggs in the microwave for just one minute.

  9. Serve
  10. Make your egg or eggs into a delicious meal and enjoy.

  11. Wash
  12. Put the Easy Eggwich in the dishwasher for washing, as all parts are dishwasher safe.

Positive Points

  • Non-stick
  • You can be rest assured that none of your ingredients will get stuck to the bottom or sides of the Easy Eggwich, as it has a non-stick design.

  • Healthy
  • Due to the product's non-stick nature, you don't need to use oil or butter when cooking your eggs. That means any meal you use these eggs for will automatically be more healthy than it would have been otherwise.

  • Bpa-free
  • All pieces of the Easy Eggwich are free of the potentially harmful chemical bpa, which is found in some other plastic products.

  • Comes With Recipe Book
  • When you purchase the Easy Eggwich, you will automatically get a gourmet recipe book with your order, which you can use for great recipe ideas.


  • Fast Food Egg Sandwiches
  • The breakfast sandwiches with egg that you get at fast food places are less healthy than those you would make with the Easy Eggwich. This is due to the fact that the way they are cooked results in them being covered with oil and grease. It is more expensive to buy a breakfast sandwich from a fast food place each day than it is to use the Easy Eggwich, too.

  • Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches
  • You can buy cheap frozen breakfast sandwiches in packages from the grocery store, but these often get freezer burn and lack a fresh taste.

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No Recipe Guide!

Teresa Petty | Oceanside, CA | 15 Feb 2020

Did they not include the recipe guide or are the so great people are stealing them all?

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Art | San Dimas, CA | 20 Aug 2017

Popped and sputtered, excessive condensation puddled in making to hot to remove from microwave oven without potholder. Egg had to be removed with fork due stuck to bottom.

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Bill | Clyde, OH | 15 Jul 2017

Incomplete. Received with no recipe guide.

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Not Complete

Horhay | Plainview, TX | 10 Jul 2017

I'm at this site to find gourmet recipe guide. Purchase only includes instructions on box. NO recipes or instructions included! DO NOT BUY until you find these somewhere on line.

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It's ok

R Miller | Barnesville, GA | 23 Sep 2015

It's a quick way to make an egg with no grease, but it doesn't really stand up to the claims of being non-stick. I use it for egg whites they generally get stuck.

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