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Effortless Sheets are unique bed sheets that are designed in the same manner as the typical bottom fitted sheets. They are considered the world's first top sheets that are fitted at the bottom of a bed. The user simply fits on their bottom sheet just like they typically do, then fits the Effortless Sheet on top, stretching it out and snapping the sheet to secure it. These sheets have the goal of cutting the work time of making beds in half and also giving the bed a more professional, hospital-like appearance.


  • Designed For Anyone To Use
  • Effortless Bed Sheets are easy to use and make it possible for anyone, including men and children, to make the bed.

  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • While most top sheets tend to get wrinkled as the bed is being made and during the night when people move around in their sleep, Effortless Bed Sheets stay intact.

  • Available In 5 Colors
  • Effortless Bed Sheets are available in five different colors: Camel, Burgundy, Cream, Blue, and Brown.

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Those whose allergies tend to flare up from the harmful dyes and perfumes of most fabrics are safe with Effortless Bed Sheets. They are hypo-allergenic.


  • Time-efficient
  • Effortless Bed Sheets are equipped with a stretch and snap system, meaning they take mere seconds to fit on the bed.

  • Feather-light
  • One of the reasons it is so easy to make the bed with these sheets is because they are very light.

  • Equipped With The Works
  • Effortless Bed Sheets come with a Bottom and Patented Top Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases.

  • Fitted Bottom
  • Since Effortless Bed Sheets come with a fitted bottom, they stay in place throughout the night, no matter how much the user moves during sleep.

  • Made With Stay-cool Technology
  • Users will happily find that they will not be sweating as much or being as uncomfortable throughout the night since Effortless Bed Sheets have Stay-Cool Technology.

  • Extra Long
  • Effortless Bed Sheets are 18 inches longer at the top than regular bed sheets, making it easy to do a designer fold-down when making the bed.

How It Works

Effortless Bed Sheets have a unique Stretch and Snap design, which prevents the need to constantly pull, tug, and adjust when making the bed. The sheet snaps into place with almost no effort and the special contoured ends fit the bottom of a mattress perfectly. This makes it possible to literally make the bed in mere seconds. Additionally, users will not have to stress about messing the bed up when they move around at night, because the fitted bottom allows the sheets to stay in place.

How it's Different from Competitors

Effortless Bed Sheets differ from typical bed sheets in various ways, including the length. They are 18 inches longer so they will fit any bed. These sheets are also wrinkle resistant and somehow stay that way all night, while other sheets wrinkle easily from the simplest movement.

Save Time

Effortless Bed Sheets are an ideal way to save time in the mornings or while cleaning the house, because they make it possible to make the bed in just seconds.

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Lisa Godfrey | Redmond, WA | 04 Dec 2015

Just got these today and am so excited. But most importantly, the customer service is top notch. I thought I had entered my ordered, but didn't see the withdraw from my bank. I emailed the company late at night to check to see if they had my order, and got a personal response from Neil Angelicola who stated that he did not see my order. I appreciated his quick response ( less than 10 minutes ). I re-ordered online and then received a confirmation within a few minutes, then a shipment confirmation a few minutes after that. I think that the personal and prompt response was great!

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Patty | Stockbridge, GA | 07 Sep 2015

I have tried the sheets and they are perfect in every way! They stay put just the way I made the bed, also the material is so smoothe and silky but most of all I am a home care provider for the elderly and disabled and on my job daily bed making would be so much faster to save me time to do other important jobs for my clients, all and all, its a win win situation.

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