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Efiltr is a german engineered safety device that deflects radiation away from your ear when on your cellphone. Scientists have studied the effects of radiation from the usage of cellphones – with the results shown to be harmful. With Efiltr radiation, protection doesn’t have to be pricey. It’s us patent pending, tested by sar us standards and certified by tuv nord ( which is a testing agency in germany ). This compact little sticker will stick to the phone and stay for the life of the phone.


  • Works On All Devices
  • Efiltr will work on all cellphone devices and once placed on the device, will last the length of the phone’s life. It is a small sticker that you place on the back of the device to deflect radiation.

  • Doctors Recommend It
  • This little device will deflect radiation and doctors have recommended using it on your cellphone. The device is us patent pending and certified by the tuv nord.


  • Cannot Be Moved
  • Once the Efiltr is placed on a phone or phone case, it cannot be removed for any reason - or the stickiness will no longer work. Thus, you must repurchase another one for your new phone.

  • Relatively Expensive
  • Even though they claim the Efiltr to be affordable, it is actually a little expensive for something so small. The benefit of the Efiltr may out-weigh the price for some people - but not all people can afford it.


  • Buy One Get One Free
  • You can buy one Efiltr radiation deflector device and get one free – not including shipping and handling. When you order 5, you get free shipping.

  • Deflects Harmful Radiation
  • The device is designed by german engineers to deflect radiation to your brain. Furthermore, the radiation from phone use of the period of 10 years can cause some minimal to major effects on your brain waves. This device will prevent this from happening.


Like most cellphone users, you use your phone at least two hours out of the day - which can cause radiation to your brain. This device helps to reduce electromagnetic waves transferring to you through use of the cellphones and tablets. Order your first one for an affordable price and get the second one free.

How It Works

Efiltr uses german engineered technology to deflect electromagnetic radiation from your electronic devices.

How it's Different from Competitors

The cost of the Efiltr is much pricier than other options. You get one Efiltr for the price tag and others offer two filters for far less than the one. Some of the devices are designed for phones without a case, but some are designed for use with a case.


  • Cel-factor Wireless Emf
  • This comes with an octagon device with protection from cellphone radiation. It provides a sleek design and uncompromising protection. You can reduce sar, normalize blood flow and lower the head tissue temperature. The family pack comes with three devices.

  • Fusion Ionz Emf Protect
  • The fusion is about. 2 millimeter thick, so it slips between the phone and the case to protect the cellphone user from electromagnetic waves. It is mixed with a patent pending mixture called tourmamix.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Applying It
  2. When applying it make sure the surface is clean. You can apply the Efiltr to the back of the cellphone or to the back of the cellphone case, either way will work just fine.

  3. Purchase For The Whole Family
  4. Radiation effects everyone who uses a tablet or cellphone, so you should purchase one for every person in your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Rf?
  • It stands for radiofrequency energy or radiation. These electromagnetic waves are emitted from your cellphone when in use.

  • Will There Be A Difference?
  • There will be no difference in your phone’s functions when using the Efiltr. It will not disrupt your battery life or phone capabilities.

  • Is Efiltr Durable?
  • Yes, it is water and heat resistant. But, for your phones protection, you should not get it wet or overheated.


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