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Epiduo is one of the few antibiotic-free acne treatment solutions that specialize in treating topical acne. The product makes use of two powerful medicines to help prevent breakouts - namely, adapalene and benzoyl peroxide. With this combination, current pimples are cured and future pimples prevented from forming.


  • Usable Even When Skin Is Clear
  • Due to the preventive nature of the product, Epiduo can also be used when no breakouts are present. The gel will, in this case, keep your skin in the right condition to prevent future problems. Therefore, Epiduo is safe for daily use.

  • Easy To Apply
  • After using your favorite non-soap cleanser, dry your face and then use a pea-sized amount on the affected areas. Since the product only requires a thin layer applied on parts of your face that are prone to or currently have pimples, it saves you money with conservative use.


  • Mild Side Effects
  • Usual side effects of the product include dryness, stinging and redness after application. Experiencing such dryness may require usage of an additional moisturizing product. Since the product contains harsh ingredients, it may cause red spots.

  • A Prescription Drug
  • Epiduo is not available over-the-counter in any drugstores, nor can it be purchased online - making it hard to get your hands on. A prescription from a dermatologist is the only way to get this product.


  • Epi-tracker
  • This is a neat app that comes with the product, enabling one to monitor the progress of their skin. By taking a daily photo, one will have side-by-side comparisons along with a progress chart to monitor improvement.

  • Offers Discount
  • The website offers savings for a three month supply of Epiduo with a simple email registration.


“The nightmare to your breakouts” is how this revolutionary product can be described. Without using any kinds of antibiotic, the two active ingredients help clear skin and prevent future breakouts. Epiduo comes in a convenient to use pump to help make the gel last as long as possible.

How It Works

The two ingredients used in the product are Adapalene and Benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is an anti-microbial ingredient that kills bacteria ( a common trigger of breakouts ). It also lowers the chance of relapse. Adapalene works by unclogging the pores that are usually blocked - causing pimples. Once the pores are unblocked, acne is prevented from forming under the skin. This, in turn, reduces swelling and inflammation.

How it's Different from Competitors

Popular anti-acne creams only use Benzoyl peroxide as the main ingredient, which results in a short-term solution. Epiduo, on the other hand, also includes the ingredient Adapalene - which unclogs pores - providing a more permanent solution.


  • Jovees Anti Acne Cream
  • This cream only uses herbal ingredients such as long pepper, neem and others to prevent breakout of acne.

  • Clearasil Ultra Clearing Cream
  • This product is able to get rid of pimples in just four hours, and is most effective for those large bumps that suddenly appear on the face.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Test On Skin First
  2. Since both of the active ingredients are quite harsh on the skin, it is recommended that one first test the cream on a small patch of skin. If no reaction is observed, then it can be safely used on the face.

  3. Have Realistic Expectations
  4. As mentioned, Epiduo is a prescription drug - which means you will have to depend on your dermatologist’s advice. It is best to keep your options open and give this medication time to do its magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Will A Tube Last?
  • It can last up to six months if directions are followed and a pea sized amount is used daily.

  • What About Sun Exposure?
  • Sun exposure is okay, but sure you wear protective clothing and a sunscreen beforehand.

  • What If A Session Is Missed?
  • Simply continue the next day. However, remember that even a single day without the product may be enough to cause pimples - so try your best not to miss a dose.


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