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Ever Brite functions as a solar powered light for outdoor use. These lights come with built-in motion sensors to naturally increase or decrease light based on movement.


The company claims that these lights will detect consumer movement from twelve feet away and automatically begin brightening or dimming as consumers move nearer or farther from the light. Ever Brite lights feature construction grade adhesive on the back panel so consumers only remove the packaging and stick the lights where ever they want. Their infomercial claims that the adhesive can be put onto doors, siding, or shingles. Such variety means the lights can be set up to light steps, garages, sheds, or above doors. The LED bulbs are said to last a lifetime.


  • Not All Locations Are The Same
  • While it is purported by the company that the lights can be put everywhere, any location is not necessarily conducive to proper functionality. There are many places shown on the infomercial, such as on a footpath beneath bushes or on top of an angled garage roof beneath an overhang, where the sunlight won’t necessarily reach. Since they are powered by sun and nothing else, having them affixed in certain places won’t necessarily allow their solar panels to charge completely. This will lead to dim or poorly working lights which might in fact only work for a fraction of the time they can work.

    The dim lights are one of the biggest complaints from previous customers. They do not read that the lights need to charge for a solid 9 hours, or they just don't realize the importance of this 9 hour mark. In any case, the result is that lights which charge for any less than 9 hours are quite dim and nothing compared to the infomercial's bright light quality.

    Additionally, this can impact how long the lights stay bright. The lights might start out brightly enough but after a week or two of inclement weather lacking sunlight, they will stop working or produce a dull light at best. Once more, this reflects upon the need for 9 hours.

  • Needs Sun
  • While the commercial claims that they can work all night long, this is directly related to the amount of charging they get done. This is a common issue with anything solar paneled. Consumers need to be aware that solar panels need direct sunlight to charge and if the day is cloudy, there is no sun, or the sun is blocked by shade or angles, it won’t charge. This means it won’t produce the brightness purported.

  • Misleading Claims
  • The solar panels only last 5 years and the LED bulbs actually last 100,000 hours, not a lifetime.

Positive Points

  • Wireless
  • These lights are wireless which does make it easier to use across a large property, driveway, or garden where extension cords would make a mess. They can work theoretically in any weather which means the power going out won’t stop them from lighting a path, assuming there was sun earlier in the day.

  • Thin Light Pattern
  • The light pattern is a thin light, which ideally lights up a walkway, porch, or patio especially along a footpath.

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Product is Defective

Terry | Kewanee, IL | 26 Oct 2016

Bought 6, only 3 are working now. They worked for a few days and one by one they started to fail. Concept is good but do not waste your money on this defective product. Made in China.

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